Was 19.5.15 the Black Day for TIP? #TISFconfessions #wisevoters #wowicouldntbeliveit

This article is a submission by Omer Khan of 1st year. His views about elections. 

I witnessed my first elections at TIP. It was no doubt a thrilling experience.
I would surely congratulate the current panel. But the panel that I supported was ASL.

For me ASL was a complete package, Arsalan Alam has management skills yet experience, Shehryar Shareef, well this guy deserved to win. Not even being a part of TISF he was already working to revive TIAF. He would have surely done it if he would have been given a chance to be a part of TISF. Umer Lodhi, who doesn’t know him for his intelligence in other words he is renowned only for his intelligence. He would have been perfect for the post of FS.

At the time of campaign, voices like ‘’Vote Wisely’’, ‘’Vote for Change’’ could be heard everywhere but unfortunately the results didn’t turn out to be as wise.

Our current president, Aaminah Shehzad, former president of the society Paintoos no doubt is a leader. But what would we do of a leader who won’t fight for the other students’ demands. We demand night life, we demand fun trips and we demand events. Aaminah being a HUGEEEE fan of our president obviously won’t fight for all this. She has no issues with the president or our dean. When asked she said, ‘’Yaar achay hain wo dono, they are really sweet’’. Time to see how much sweetness she can extract out from them, being TISF president. She can either be students’ favorite or president’s.

We wanted a fighter for the students, for students’ happiness. Will Aaminah fight against our president? Why would she? She never attends any night event or goes for any trip. Since I have joined TIP I have not even seen any event organized by PAINTOOS. They say they are not given resources. Dedicated people don’t need any resources. As it is said, where there is a will, there is a way. And not their fault, 3rd year TDT students don’t have enough time to organize any event, they are so stuck with their mini thesis and their weaving. It’s not easy for them to make out time to arrange events for us.  But wait, did I just say she couldn’t make out time due to their mini thesis? Duh! Our current President is soon going to be a fourth year TDT , which means FINAL Thesis?  No? I am sure she would have plenty of time to create fun for us.  Such a wise decisions. APPLAUSE!

Now comes the GS, major part of his campaign was dedicated to AISEC. He says, through AISEC he is going to promote TIP, and AISEC does this and AISEC does that.
Now I need to think, being a member of AISEC he could have done it already, no? Why did he need to be the GS to ‘’promote’’ TIP ?
They were like; AISEC is a platform to provide us many opportunities. Tou bhaai someone ask them, does AISEC only allows its members’ university’s students council i.e our TISF to avail the ‘’PLATFORM’’
He has been student of TIP for two years. One session in two years. Talk about availing the platform.

Oh yeah I do agree that due to that one session many people got to know about AISEC and they applied to be part of it. But Mr. Asad, I think only being a student you could have invited AISEC people for many sessions.
I know you will do something. But the AISEC part, just cut the crap!
Stupid voters who got influenced by AISEC.
FS? What’s his name ? Let me think. Oh yeah! Sumair Khalid. Sorry it took me a while to recall his name as he is so popular. The chittiyan kalaiyaan fan.
Wait! I think his name is Humaid. Oh yes! Humaid Khalid. So popular yet so active. Everybody knows him. LOL!

When I got to know, I was like, who the heck he is? Half of my class’s reaction was like that. I even have to think what to write about him. I haven’t seen him working, I haven’t heard his name.

One thing I would like to share, one of my friends asked him during his campaign, ‘’ Why are you fighting for the post of FS ? ‘’
His answer was really irrelevant for me, ‘’ Muje LODHI ko HARANA hai’’

He stood up to defeat not to win. He was there for his own personal grudges not for the sake of TIP.

No doubt people call him honest. He has no shame in telling that his interest was defeating Lodhi rather than ‘’winning’’ the seat of FS and do something for TIP.

A great round of applause to all our ‘’WISE’’ voters.
Best of luck TISF.
Looking forward to your performance. 











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  1. This was to make sure Humaid wins. Aaminah said she didn’t think Lodhi deserved it but OBVIOUSLY Humaid is the star student who has done SO much for TIP like bunking classes, humiliating teachers and just being a regular tool. The hypocrisy in these students is extremely astonishing. Immensely disappointed by how the people who don’t even know these guys voted for these guys.

  2. Everyone has a right to their views but it is indeed sad to see that the neutrality of this TIP Student Forum has been compromised.

  3. Oops !! Nuetrality has been compromised shit!! Thats sad. I thought this is the reality which some people cant digest. Well, im here you guys are here as well we’ll see who will compromise what.
    1. Annual dinner free me hoga (i’ve memorized your words)
    2. Beach party ke itne pese nai lene chaiye.( okay dekhte hain ap kab karwate hain or kitne lete hain)
    3. Something new and promotion of tip. ( well bhai pehle jo events hochukay hain unko chorh ke koi naya event ho to maza aye) pher pata chalegi hope and creativity.
    4. Apke ane ke baad tip ki night life to ab log bhool hi jaen to behtar hai.


  4. Fair Elections..
    Students voted for those who they thought were the better side
    I really dont know why u guys have problems with the dean and president are they not allowing u to study here ???
    Are night events the only thing u guys want ?
    Forget it lets talk about humaid
    agr wo itna he bura tha to vote q miley ??
    let me also mention that no one knows that who torn ASL posters but straightaway the blame was put on a first year student Asif Jokhio who was supporting HAS
    And those who think that TIP president are against the students to plz ab ap apni pasand ka president to bna nhe skte .
    The whole panel won just because their voters beleive that they can do better than the other side .
    And I really hope that they will prove themselves .

  5. Woah Woah!
    Look who is here, Mr. President himself. I wish he would show this much interest in Students’ interest instead of threatening a truthful student by his ”WORD OF ADVICE”
    Quack is for us and we have every right to post our views here. The one who needs be defensive should someone from ”AAH”.
    But well Mr. President himself is here to ”threaten” Omer.
    What a luck TIPians. Ye president kam thay jo TISF b itni alaa ayi hai.
    We support you Omer.

  6. I hope Mr. Shariq Usmani that your hopes don’t go in vain. And the TISF proves itslef
    Well I guess you are right night events are really not important. Puranay sab log tou pagal thay. And oh yeah! so stupid of our best universities like, IBA, LUMS etc which organize so many events. Such STUPIDITY!
    They aint really important. NAAAAAWWTT AAATT AWWWWLLLL!!
    Mr. President is so right, by his orders we see posters like, ”PHOTOGRAPHY IS PROHIBITED AT TIP” yaar matlab kitni sae baat hai na ?
    School days yaad ajatay hain.
    Thankyou Mr. President for giving us a chance to recall our school memories 🙂

  7. Omer,
    I know youre new here, and im pretty sure youre far from realities of this institute. You should consult with the panel you were supporting, im sure they will guide you better than this.

    As for the Annual Dinner is concerned, i have never in my entire campaign said anything about annual dinner being free. So there goes your memory.
    And if you think i am wrong about this, please keep in mind that i have campaigned to over hundred people and imagine the times i wouldve told people my plans, so dont think for a second that i would forget what my vision and plans were after winning.

    As for your hope towards new and creativity, will be shown by our work. I only wish you wouldve been here for a longer time than you have, so that you couldve noticed the change that we will be putting forth, piece by piece.

    I am overwhelmed by your trust in my abilities. Night life was never promised, but since we are here, we will work towards getting it back. My personal opinion is that the essence of our campus lies in it. Again if youve had a slightest idea of reality of this place, you wouldnt ask this question. And as for my promises, you will see them fulfilled. In Sha Allah.

    I appreciate you being energetic, but i recommend putting this energy in a positive manner, Whatever your concerns and views are, i respect them. My position requires me to be open to criticism and opinions of others if they are legitimate and i will address them, required they are put forth in a deserving manner.

    Lastly we are all human, if you can get hurt, then try empathy and do put forth your opinions in a respectful and polite manner, no one has the right to insult another individual. Although i dont mind your gullible behaviour but bear in mind that youve talked about people senior than you, older than you. People you don’t know nothing about, their struggles and the work they ve done towards the community. Everyone deserves respect, and you mustn’t cross the line between being opinionated and insulting. So be careful.

    Again I am open to criticism and if youre up for a show, then I can continue. If youre genuinely interested in having a better know how then contact me on a little less public forum and save yourself from the latter guilt.

    Do keep in mind we haven’t taken charge as yet. and your allegations are as good as your judgement.
    you can email, whatsapp etc. Again depends on your intentions.


  8. Ye humayun zafar wala post president sahab ka nae he.someone is using his name.after all he dosn’t have enough time to review these kind of things.

  9. We haven’t even started and here I see a little warrior trying to be his friends favourite for doing what……
    oh yeah crossing that fine line between respect and disrespect.
    you’re time to crit us Mr.omar will start from September 2015 till may 2016.
    until then save your horses and be a little respectful towards your seniors,specially the faculty maybe? if you want to have. your “night life ” in the rest of the coming years in T.I.P.
    SECONDLY as you have a lot of time in your hand how about to let go of your little girl and actually get to know rest of the T.I.P?
    maybe ask your fellow students what we really campaigned about?


  10. If you want have a nightlife? Are you threatening us? Also Javeria, stop jumping in the middle. Your boy can look out for himself. You’re nothing. Stop trying look important. The desperatness and cry for attention is painful to watch.

  11. Javeria waseem you dont need involve anyone personal life in the comment.
    Be respectful. Start respecting first.
    Talking about aminah shehzad : she said ke agar mein kisi trip jaungi he nahi tou kaisa organise kar sakunge. She said bus wala se kiya ghr pe beth co ordinate karungi… Was said in a 3rd meeting. Everyone knows about it.
    No crit for anyone. Just dont involve any one’s personal life.
    And stop threatining Umer.

  12. Awww so cute!!

    Here comes Asad’s mummy. Defending her little cutie pie.
    Well, If we talk about respect. I repeat respect. JAVERIA WASIM TALKING ABOUT RESPECT. BUHAHAHAHAHHAHA ITS KILLING ME.
    wese apki harkaten bhi kafi mashoor hain. Im wasting my time answering you. Bye bye. :p

    Asad, please please every single person knows how respectful your panel is. so please talk to the hand. :p
    We’ll see about the night life. Dont go back om your worda abour beach party and annual dinner. Apke chehle bht fakhar se lambi lbi phenk rahe they. Sarcasm to koi apke panel se seekhy. Kamaaaal karte ho janab. Me bhi yahi hun ap bhi yahin dekhte hain kiya kiya hota hai.

    Mummy please ap apni chilled bear piyen sukoon se kiu bachon ki baton me apna mun lati hain. ? K. Bye 😀

  13. We are the winners
    we will prove ourselves
    votes pe jeete hain bhai wrna apka kia ap to ye bhe kehdoge k president k favourite thea :p
    we have plans and we’ll surely work on that .
    After all we all are TIP students so intead of criticizing each other we should work together for the betterment of our institute. Show unity.

  14. First of all you are supporter of asl so what else one can expect from you. Its not the whole truth its your perspective under the influence of asl so this is ok n I appreciate that because every one has a right to speak. As we said before n we are saying now that there will be no dirty politics and this is what I was expecting from the other side but they fail to full fill their statement. In the end I just want say hum ap key dukh m shamil hain please no more drama n move on.
    We re done entertaining you and your childishness.
    Karlo jitni batameezi karni hai. Everyone is responsible for their actions.
    Good luck.

  15. What’s going on here, who is using my name here and posting the fake coments by using my name let me know backbiting chora bacha jo koi bhi ho agar himat hai thori se bhi tu face to face akar bat karo itnazar rahega jo bhi ajae js nae ye kia hai..

  16. Pehle to aati thi hal-e-dil pe hasi ab kisi baat pe nahi ati ????????????????
    Gudluck guys comments krte rehna maza araha hai????

  17. omer shahab thora sabar karo apni frustration ko ye mat zaya karo tmhari TISF dokha nae degi….:)

  18. to the person whose interested in pointing my interests out by using others name,
    how about you first man up and post comments with your real name?
    I’ll be glad to entertain you further;but yeah I’ll do that in person.
    playing comments is not ny thing. ????

  19. Wow so much for freedom of speech, For a second I thought the m.omer guy was the writer turns out not him. It would have been pretty ball-sy if he had replied tho xD what I don’t get is that everyone is talking about line between respect and disrespect but tbh when it comes to news writing there are no limits THAT’S WHY IT’S CALLED FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION “DUH”. And I’m surprised the president can’t even handle this much of bashing cuz son if you really want to continue in that field the leading kind you don’t harass the writer by showing off your power . You just ignore it cuz you’re too FABULOUS for them. I mean sure the comments were mean but who gives a shit you can prove them wrong that’s what matters in the end. And it’s pretty stupid to just bring in someone’s personal life as a comebavl cuz javeria you n I both know that was shitty of you.

  20. let me clear you that comment was not from MR.PRESIDENT. someone has Miss used his name!
    secondly miss Mahnoor I brought someone’s personal life? let me go through my sentence again “let go of your little girl”
    it’s not my fault you have a filthy head to think inappropriate meanings out of it.
    however telling me that ” Bari mashoor HAIN ap Ki harkaten T.I.P MAI” that’s a direct hit to my PERSONAL LIFE!
    alhumdullilah I have the guts to talk from my original name on this forum. unlike a few of you who are using others name just so nobody gets to know who you really are.
    coming back to freedom of speech how about to go in the about section of this blog and read what’s QUACK REALLY ABOUT? :3
    now if you’re done playing hide and seek,I’m bored and i have other things to do,unlike you I don’t sit behind a desktop screen and rant like a little baby.

    P. S USING WORDS LIKE SHIT just show how much of respectable lady you’re yourself ( If you are really a lady that is)
    keep on hating. xoxo

  21. Hahahaha Yar please stop it. Its killing me. Hahahahaha Javeria Wasim Talking about respect. Hahahah why why ??? I cant take it anymore. :p

  22. Well, playing comments is not Jaweria Waseem’s thing even then we can see her replying to every comment.
    ”LET GO OF YOUR LITTLE GIRL” its pretty obvious.
    You talking about filthy minds. What would you say about yours ?
    Omer and little girl can just be good friends.

  23. Asad first please tell your friend Jaweria Waseem that everybody has ”right to speak” . So she shouldn’t be threatening Omer here about the night life.
    If she wants respect from juniors then first she must have the potential to gain it.
    By threatening or talking about Omer’s personal life, she is surely not gonna gain any respect. Pehle khud tou wo karo yaar jo sabko keh rae ho.

    P.s I like how Asad is handling it. I wish Jaweria could learn something from him.
    We have expectations from you Asad. You deserved it.

  24. from the day of elections ..every one is backbiting asif even he did’nt do any thing ..so every one should show there meturity and should be calm..we all are like a family.

  25. From the day of election , everyone is backbiting Asif.Even he didn’t do any thing.so every one should show there meturity and should be calm.we all are like a family .

  26. Omer you didnt even cast ur vote to HAS..or jab support ni kiya to abhi kuyn bol rahay ho ke ye events krwao gay tm log. Agar support kiya hota tab bolna chahiye tha tmhe..

  27. Specially for Omar
    Kaam or bhe hain gaana gaanay k siwa,
    or bhe gham hain zamanay may haarnay k siwa
    P.S. Omar tum bhe cutie ho

  28. Omar tmhe aye we 4 mahinay pooray ni howe or tm TIP me jantay hi kisko ho jo tm itni barh char kay bol rahay ho. Baat to tmhari hai ni kisi se siwae ek kay. Tm ye chah rahy ho ke 1000 b hum day or nachay b hum. Itna shok hai to nachna apnay dost kay sath 1000 hum day day gay.

  29. Sab pata hai article kaha sa aya or tum Jo muh utha k chal rahe ho wo kiski waja SA hai.
    Tumhare waja sa omar ye itna lamba kich gaya hai warna elections pehle b huay hain or koi nahi itna rota jitna tum roo rhe ho.
    Sirf itna kahen gay beta itna nahi muh kholo k muh ki khani par jae.

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