We and Our Priorities

Few months ago, there was a long discussion on Quack! about our priorities and the difference these priorities can make in our lives. Amazingly, the topic continues perplexing my mind even after the whole discussion. After fighting a lot with my thoughts, I have finally got a reasonable and satisfying answer to this ever-confusing question.

When we talk about priorities, a few quick questions arise in our minds. What are priorities?-Who set our priorities?-How our priorities are set?-For whom we set our priorities? Priorities are those things, for which we gives preference to other things. When I talk about preferences, it simply means ‘importance’. Now, normally it seems that we ourselves set our priorities but in some cases, the matter is totally different. An educated, adult and a sensible person might set his/her priorities but a child, an illiterate and a poor person is not in a position to decide about his/her preferences. Therefore, it’s not just us, it’s the society, media, culture, moral values and other influencing things responsible for the settling up of our priorities. We set our priorities for whom?-For ourselves?-For our friends?-For God?-The thing is it ‘depends’. The way we think, the way we are brought upon, the way life treats us, make us able to decide for whom we should set our priorities.

Devotion and commitment are the two words directly related to our priorities. When we give priority to something, we give importance to that thing which means we are committed and devoted to that thing. For example- I can be an excellent student-I can be a devoted religious missionary-I could have been a suicide bomber or an accurate air force pilot. It all depends on us and our priorities-we are best at our work, when we give priority to a specific task and we are lost when we loses the importance of that task.

The question, however remains the same-Which is the best priority?-To me, our priorities varies with different Age groups. A child cannot set his/her priority because he/she is not mature enough to set it. A teenager may give priority to music over his/her studies. An adult will obviously give priority to his/her family and an old person’s priority will be religion or social work. Despite of that, there is one priority which we should set irrespective of our age groups and that is ‘religion’. No matter from which culture we belong, which way we think, to whom we give more importance, our first and foremost priority must be religion as it is the order and teachings of the Holy Quran.

So, my theme of article is that priorities are everything. They clearly reflect us and our personalities. We should set our priorities keeping in mind our religion, culture, moral values and should not run wildly towards everything which attracts us because all that glitters is not gold.

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  1. well rameez the article was amazing , i have to admit that currently my priority is to pass a best compliment to you but, no all priorities are fulfill.
    anyways keep up the good work dude. as i said before you are improving day by day. by the way are you eating something special these days.. lolz

  2. i really liked ur article, rameez. wat i think abt priorities is dat they do change according to ur circumstances and experience. sometimes sumthings happen around ur life dat is bound to change ur priorities, and u cant just help it! but to be very honest, yes religion should always remain as our first priority!

  3. Religion should be our first priority, but in spite of that you can see loads of Families emigrating to the West claiming that the quality of life here just doesn’t seem to be good!
    Like Rameez said what is your priority? Your Religion or How cool you look in your Ford Taurus?

  4. Ali going to west doesnot mean that u r giving priority to a Ford Taurus but religion. May be like u said just for the sake of comfort, families like to go west. This itself is a priority that whether u choose Pakistan or west for best comfort. Some prefer Pakistan as a comfortable place but some dont. This going to west i believe has nothing to do with not giving priority to RELIGION.

  5. well Amna,circumstances do change our priorities but for a limited span of time.When we talk on a broader vision..our priorities should be independent from circumstances and situations…if these circumstances start changing our priorities, then perhaps nobody can suceed in his/her goal.

    As far as our experiences are concerned…again we should not just go towards our past experiences, i mean everybody has different experiences…changing your priorities of life just because of your past will again diverts you from your goal of life…actually the thing which is more prior for you could be a less prior for the other person so you should think on a braoder perspective and should be strong and confident enough to remain firm on your prirorities and decissions.

  6. Well ok as far as my experience is concerned,Here’s a case study for you:
    9 out 10 Pakistani Families that emigrate to the United States or any other western country come back to Pakistan as soon as their kids hit puberty. Many of these Pakistani expatriates usually come back to Pakistan when they see how much Islamabad & Karachi have Developed and how “Comfortably Western” the atmosphere has become. By this I mean you can Party but Not as Openly as you would in the US…
    So again the question of Priority, you come running back to your Nation and then 3 years down the road you son goes back to the US claiming he hates Pakistan and how he feels he has “No Identity”. You’re lucky if you have a daughter because you can Marry her off and then she can be someone else’s problem. So you’re old, broken and can do little except go where your children are sharing a minute apartment with his American wife, who will eventually ship your behind to a Senior’s Home where you’ll probably die with a year or two. Hence what was once your priority became your affliction.

    Apologies for the long post, but couldn’t help it the thoughts were just coming through….

  7. ooo, man, ali u really gave a thought to this whole priority thing, u can write off a thesis on dis western emigration thing!
    to be very honest, u did pictured da real thing in our society, but as rameez said watever our priorities, v really need to b confident and should try to build up da determination to stick wid them. ppl are probably confused and unaware abt a lot of things which go unseen and hidden in our society.
    its ur own willpower dat keeps ur religion alive in u and in ur family!

  8. But that’s exactly what I mean! You can try to be a good Muslim but how will you keep that faith in your children? I mean it’s a daunting task but one that can be accomplished!
    Being religious in the US really means that you’re a social outcast! So in order to fit the kids really have no choice except be a different person with everybody they know!
    Haris becomes Harris
    Ali becomes Al.

    I guess I’m very anti immigrant :p

  9. Ali what did u want to prove in ur last post????

    In ur second last post u were comparing “emigrating to west” with “Religion”; which actually has no comparison. if u go to west it does not at all mean that u r not giving priority to ur religion. I also have some knowledge to share wid u.
    if u take out the percentage of Practicing Muslims against the Muslims, thn Srilanka has the max. % of practicing Muslims which is not a Islamic State. This shows that whether u go to west, east, south or north it is ur willpower that keeps ur religion alive as Amna said.

    So, stop thinking that leaving a Islamic State means leaving Islam……..

  10. Ali now u have said it very right that how would one keep the faith in children….. i totally agree to this that for a growing child, it becomes very difficult for parents living in Wetern countries to show their children the right path of Islam. What they see and observe in their learning stages, reflect the same and what they easily adobt is Western Culture……

  11. One can adopt a western culture living in an islamic state as well. there’s no fixed formula for creating religiously aware children; if you discount instilling in them a love and respect for their faith, as well as PROVING to them that it is the correct one. Asking children to follow something blindly is idiocy. Considering the state of religion in the glorious Islamic Republic of Pakistan, i would prefer to take my children to the US to give them better moral education.

  12. Agreed with Hira,Amna and Billu

    Ali I personally know some of the families living in the west having a decent Islamic culture..I know it is a problem for your childeren but at the end of the day it is you and what you have taught to your childeren..mind you,if you have taught religion to your childeren in a best way…no other thing can divert them from religion..faith is all about remaining firm on your ideologies, you can practice Islam in your small small community in Australia,England,USA or wherever you are….Obviously there are a number of people living there..so no. of muslims in western countries are increasing and nowadays it has become much more easy to pratice Islam in the west as compared to past…you have mosques, Muslim’s clubs and socities so you can make it..

    As what Billu said…immigrating to west doesent means that you have change your priorities..

  13. ok ppl herez my side of the story……….bhai dekho we’re talking bout priorities here but da debate seemz to hav drifted off sumwhere between emigrants and islam. i believe that everyone has two sets of priorities : the should-be-permanent long terms onez ( including religion since itz the only thing whose consequencz u will carry thru to the nxt world), and da ever-contingent short term ones owing to the inconsistencies of life itself compelling one to b flexible to adjust to life’s changez……emigrant or no emigrant!

  14. Priority:
    Should I get a PS3 or an Xbox 360?
    One has better graphics the other has cheaper games!
    Should I just get the PSP witch which I can play with my other friends in the library! (As far as I’m concerned there are no rules against gaming in the library) 😛

    Every person has to find his path and make his decision according to his experiences and his circumstances. That’s all I got to say.

    What I said was my point of view and my experience, I would rather stand tall and fight with the Rickshaw Wala, on a broken road with sewage water spewing out of it than be pitied by a WASP, “Strong Moral Values?” the place that comes out with Britney Spears and Eminem is going to teach my kids how to keep thuggin and rolling where the actual Muslim are from The Nation of Islam. Where if you follow your religion you are considered a fundamentalist? (Be you a Christian or a Muslim, a fundamentalist is a fundamentalist!) Where Abstanance is a program that needs to be introduced to your kids during high school due to high pregnancy rates among teenagers?
    No thanks I’d rather take my chances here…

    Don’t get me wrong! I’m not against education in the west! Furthering your education in your respective field is what someone should do, No matter how hard the struggle.

    But for me Emigration is a Nada!

    – Sorry for taking away the discussion from Priority Rameez!

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