We bid thee Farewell, officially

Textile Institute of Pakistan bid farewell to yet another batch at the beginning of this year as Convocation 2013 was hosted on the 27th of January.



The organizing team had to wake up early that Sunday as the bus left from the City Office for the main campus at 8:30 AM, approximately 5 hours before the official commencement time. The responsibility fell once again in the capable hands of Ms. Rakshanda Shah, one of the most vibrant members amongst the faculty at TIP today. A number of volunteers were rather displeased with having to suit up and wait for so long, but then again, they volunteered for it.

As the clock struck 1 PM, Texperts started to gather in the Eqbal Ahmed Student Centre, more commonly known as the Cafe.

convocation 2Soon they were escorted towards the academic area where every graduating student was given his or her blue and yellow gown, along with the graduation cap. After a minor delay, the procession

convocation 3

was formed and the soft music played to signal the entrance of the graduating class escorted by Mr. Umair Saeed.

I hosted my second convocation, along with the delightful company of Khadija Shabbir Desai of TDT.

The ceremony started with the remembrance of Allah Almighty as Salah Malick recited few verses of the Holy Quran followed by their translation done by Aeliya Batool.

The Hnourable Chancellor of TIP Mr. Arif Hassan declared the convocation open and Dr. Zubair Bandukda began his introductory speech. Soon he gave way for the Chancellor as he introduced the keynote speaker for the occasion, Syed Salim Raza. Mr. Raza is a graduate from Oxford University and the former CEO of Pakistan Business Council. His more notable former position was Governor State Bank of Pakistan, which he took after leaving PBC. He addressed the students imparting his wisdom, along with precious suggestions that would help the graduates achieve real success in their lives.

Soon after, the graduating students lined up and stepped forth as their names were called on stage and collected that valuable piece of paper for which they had strived for 4 valuable years… some even 5.

After all the degrees were handed out, it was time to hand out medals to the few worthy students who took studying seriously at TIP and graduated with a CGPA of 3.4 or more. This batch consisted of 3 recipients of the honour medals and they were given the medals by Syed Salim Raza.

The Eqbal Ahmed Award is probably why a lot of people started reading this article in the first place. As we all know, it’s the award handed to the student who doesn’t excel academically, well that can happen too, but someone who “thinks out of the box.” Someone who has contributed to TIP and the society in a way no other student would have. And the recipient of this year’s big golden medal, was Rabbiya Abdullah of TDT. Rabbiyah was bestowed this honour not for her work of remarkable art, but for her tremendous work towards society. She founded an organisation named Sooch and was engaged every last slot of the week helping out children of the lower staff of TIP. She, along with her team, helped the kids with their school work and also taught basic manners. For instance, how to keep your shoes after taking them off,  how to greet people, to brush their teeth every day, simple acts of humanity that distinguishes a person. Rabbiya was the unanimous decision of all faculty members for this prestigious award.

The keynote speaker was presented a memento and the Chancellor declared the convocation closed. Graduation caps flew in the air as the graduates celebrated their triumphs. Parents embraced their kin, friends patted them on their backs and teachers couldn’t have been more proud. It was the moment for creating new memories, getting tons of pictures taken and feeling extremely complacent about oneself.

It would be unwise to under-estimate the power of degree which the students receive. And I would close with a valuable a suggestion by Tom Brokaw,

You are educated. Your certification is in your degree. You may think of it as the ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change the world.


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