We won… Experience Karachi 2012

Who would have thought that a bunch of people from a university not widely known will bag most of the awards by their remarkable thoughts and determination at an internationally acclaimed event? Well, I feel proud to be a part of such an amazing group of 11 students who represented TIP and actually made that happen.

I, Mohammad Ahsan Shah accompanied by Asad Jafri, Owais Zaki, Mohammad Ikram-ul-Haq, Adeel Aftab, Zehra Talat Abbas, Alizeh Ahmed, Fatema Millwala, Shaiza Jamshed, Iqra Jan Brohi and Iqra Izhar voluntary submitted applications and were lucky enough to be selected to participate in Experience Karachi 2012.

Experience Karachi was an event organized by the well-known student organization called AIESEC. With its branches in 100+ countries, AIESEC has a network of highly ambitioned people working for the empowerment of youth through different initiatives and events. A total of 200 delegates accompanied by the organizing members went to Dreamworld Resorts and stayed for 3 days while participating in different challenges and speaker sessions designed as such that the people should cash their each and every moment spend there in learning and socializing not only with the people of Karachi but also with the group of foreign delegates that came from different countries for the event.

The program included sessions from renowned people in fields of business, entrepreneurship and politics among which the prominent people were Mr. Asad Umar (Former President – Engro Corp. and Senior VP – Tehreek-e-Insaaf) and Mr. Amin Hashwani (Director – Hashwani Group). They shared their valuable life experiences on how they managed things and how the future generation should carry on with their lives and work for the betterment of their society and country before they think of themselves.

The program also include a Social Entrepreneurship Challenge, Social Awareness Campaign Challenge and a Scavenger Hunt. Through these challenges, the potential and mindsets of the delegates was tested and the sense of teamwork was established among the delegates by distributing them into different clusters which had a separate facilitator to help in achieving these challenges. The team led by Owais Zaki (AMM3) was awarded the Best Delegation award for winning the Scavenger Hunt which comprised of Ikram (TS1), Iqra Izhar (FDM3) and Iqra Brohi (FDM3). Whereas the team led by Asad Jafri (AMM3) were declared winners of the Social Entrepreneurship Challenge, which had Ahsan Shah (TS3), Fatema (TDT3), Shaiza (TDT3) Zehra (FDM3) and Alizeh (FDM3) as well.

The social events were Club Night and Masquerade Award Night respectively. Apart from the winners of the challenges, 6 individual awards were given out to the delegates which showed unique qualities during the event among which Asad Jafri (AMM3) won the “Activating Leadership” award. So, in total, 10 out of 11 delegates in different clusters won awards making Textile Institute of Pakistan the most winning institute of the event.

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  1. Saw the pictures…!! you guys lukd amazing..!! thank u..for keeping TIP alive at places where it needs too…!! 🙂

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