W.E.A.V.I.N.G…a whole new experience!

Counting all the pink stuff I owned was pretty easy but I never knew counting threads would be so terrible and would ultimately become a part of my life. I had a nightmare during my summer vacations that I hadn’t completed my weaving assignment and I was feeling awful, but I didn’t know it was just a teaser, the real horror still awaited me. Weaving is a real patience-gaining exercise and I will prove you that – just keep on reading.

It all started when I, along with my classmates stepped into the weaving lab with anxiety and confusion. We started off with warping in which we had to go really crazy, going round and round around the warp bed and collecting the warp with a compulsory cross in between. According to our dear Master Sahab, “ Cross ana zaroori hai warna dhaagay aesay uljhain gain kay kabhe alaag nahin hungain. ”

And then it was reeding, sitting on the floor like poor people earning for their bread and butter, picking a pair of thread very carefully as if they were made of delicate glass. Inserting the needle in each dent and pulling two threads at a time, and the dents are so tightly packed as if they were all in love with each other. I haven’t seen anything so closely held, even you teeth might have more space for the bacteria to settle in but in case of dents, hah, hard luck.

Till reeding, life was at peace and we all were happy, singing and dancing, unaware about the storm that was gaining strength. The horror that was waiting for us to come to it was none other than Heddling. I am absolutely sure that if you can go through this process then you are a man with at least 50% God-gifted patience, no kidding.

When heddling was over, we collected enough energy and zeal to go on, and since we had already boarded the ship, we do rather fight the storm. So this time it was sweet little reeding again, and finally weaving of the actual fabric started off. We did plain, twill, double twill and basket weaves in different colours. I am telling you that weaving itself is pretty easy, only its preparation is hell, and since we don’t have an any airconditioning in our so spacious weaving lab, its sure to make you all sweaty wet.

We seldom have our usual conversation since our tongue is busy with some of these sentimental statements:

“Master Sahab, mai ney ek dent miss kardi, kya karoun main ab?”

“Master Sahab, Sir Shamoon kahan hain?”

“Uffff, my back aches like anything, im gonna get old before age”

“Wat did I do in my past, my dear lord? Why am I getting this sort of punishment?”

“Master Sahab, adhar ayain, mera shed nahin ban raha, aap ke loom kharb hain!!!”

“Master Sahab, weaving mai mistake hugaein hai, koi shortcut baatain, mujhay pher se nahin karna.”

I am sure by now you must have realized that weaving is not an easy job, it becomes a piece of cake when you have the enthusiasm and energy like us, designers. But to be very honest, I felt empathy for the people whose living is based on handloom weaving. I realized the value of a mere piece of cloth and why all these khaadi people charge so much.

P.S. Don’t take the pictures seriously; our class is one happy family, always smiling whenever someone is taking a picture, regardless of the amount of pain inside us. 🙂

7 Replies to “W.E.A.V.I.N.G…a whole new experience!”

  1. “Master Sahab, adhar ayain, mera shed nahin ban raha, aap ke loom kharb hain!!!”

    who can stay calm .. when he or she has done half of the processes and has to go back and start right from the beginniNg .. its hell…..

    But at the end when we hold an 8 by 8 inch of cloth woven by our ownselves .. we all forget the pain we got in the lab and just smile and feel proud …. “… see see yeh maine KHUD weave kia hai .. :D”

  2. a very well written article amna.. u hav extracted things from the hearts and minds of all the 15 ppl of tdt-2.. wEll done..

  3. hahaha…very well described amna!
    i swear i shouted on top of my voice for master sahab wen i made a mistake!

    p.s: thats a cute pic of me:D

  4. haha .. i swear thts really true.. u dint mention the techniques v students discovered at tht difficult tim kabi loom ke peechy stool tu kabi ander bus kamar salamat rahey aur haan BETH ker kaam kerain but ek wakht mei bethna bhi haram hogaya tha :S lol.. “MAAAAA SAAAAAAB YOO” SADA KHUSH RAHO :p

  5. awwww….i remember my bachpan k din in weaving lab….I SOO LOVE WEAVING….so nothing really bothered me from day one….juniors!!best of luck!!…and one thing…always enjoy every process of weaving…otherwise it’ll just be a nightmare believe me….this is one thing you might not do in future…so have fun….

  6. well written amna ! hamari dukhi kahaniii..our weaving was really very filmi har procecc mai koi na koi garbari ….bt i still luv weaving n we should all thank master sahab jin ko hum har 5 min bad bulatay thay..!

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