Welcome Back or Something Along the Lines

Start with anything. Yes literally! That’s Quack!’s motto for spring 2007. Anything could mean breaking all your new year resolutions, if any. Or you could go swim in TIP’s dirty lake if the heat bothers you too much this semester. Be it of the studies, the summer or something else for that matter.

Spring is in the air! So are flies and mosquitoes! You might have figured by now that we have absolutely no idea what exactly we’re talking about. We’re lost we’re hopeless. And honestly speaking, the heat is getting to us too.

Do you like lemonade? We love lemonade. Why don’t you make some quick bucks by setting up a stall one of these days? How bout the bake sale on 14th Feb if any. Cause we’re not sure if there is one. Go ask the designers about it. Or even better go bug them about it. Eat their brains out. If you find leftovers from the trauma they frequently face.
We’re bored. Let’s save this so that we may continue with our rants without worries of load shedding .

So what else? Did you check out the new polling system on Quack!? Any new plans or wrecking havoc this semester? We do… Yea you’ll see. Speaking of which, do you know who set off the fire crackers at the convocation? Not us. Honestly! But it nearly gave mohsin saab a heart attack!

Ok enough rambling. I’m sure you’ve had enough too. We sure haven’t. We can go on and on and continue to eat your brains out… If any, till the lake gets cleaned. And we all know that that ain’t happening any time soon.


So if you’ve really had enough of this. And really really want us to stop. Make us! Literally. Write us Shut! And you’ve heard the saying. If you can’t beat em, Join em! And if you can’t join em then join us! And if you can’t join us… You get the picture. Just come and help us out man! We honestly need you! We need your Blood. Young Blood! Fresh BloodFreshman Blood! And no we’re not vampires. We just like to Quack!

Quack! Quack! See! It’s as simple as that!

The End!


3 Replies to “Welcome Back or Something Along the Lines”

  1. There IS a bakesale!!! n u’ve heard it from a designer, one that’s managed to survive the various traumas the design faculty likes throwing at us for kicks.

    So go ahead, book a stall, even if it is for pani mili coke, more pani less coke. Just DO something this semester.

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