Welcoming the Freshies

After her challenging but successful summer semester, Khadija Desai welcomes the upcoming batch of 2012 on a short, but sweet note.

Article By: Khadija Shabbir Desai – TDT 2

So the Summer Semester just ended, not to forget the heat and Ramadan and YES! The awful amount of load on us, but we managed to pull through it! Yaay! The cries and the sleepless nights were worth it!

Since the new sessions starts from Monday i.e. 10th September 2012, I thought I’d take the pleasure of welcoming the new batch. Though we don’t know each other as yet but, things will be okay. Don’t worry we don’t eat people, and ragging… what ragging? 🙂

So I heartedly welcome the new freshmen! Hope you’re journey here is not as hard as you’ll be hearing about. And yes participate in the societies!

Best of Luck!

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