What Is The Story Of Your Life?

Success is a choice – and so is failure. In either case a story is written. Over a period of time this story is shared. Some stories go into history books, some to educational books, some to Hollywood/Bollywood (as true stories) but many pass by unnoticed. Does this mean they don’t have a story? They do! But in most cases it is not an original. It is a replica of many routine lives. Think about it. What is your story?

Everyday that passes by is a page in your story. You could either write this page at the beginning of the day or at the end. Choice is purely yours. Only difference is that at the beginning of the day you choose success – at the end of the day the page is given to you for reading, not writing!

To write a wow story for yourself work upon your soundtrack – ‘Sing’

Self belief

The page of your life’s storybook needs to show that you believe in yourself. It needs to have a challenge that you overcome not because the problem is easy, but because you believe it can be done and you also believe that problems are not there to always hurt you; it means that now you better start improvising in order to decipher those problems in spite of having a doubt that you can’t do it . If your story is a victim’s story then you’ll find obstructions. If it’s about winning and achieving as per your life’s potential, you’ll see endless challenges to meet. It’s not about the words, it’s about your self-vision behind them. Each one of us is grown up hearing about who we are, what we’re like, what abilities we have or don’t have, and we overlay those stories onto our life as our own. But the wonderful thing about stories is that new ones can be written. A very famous person, whose name, unfortunately, I don’t remember, once said:

How you see your life is how you live it


Add a little inspiration in your story. Make your story of the day inspirational. I personally believe that if you are not inspiring, you are expiring. Inspiration comes from doing out of the norm. Identify a challenge for the day and with a belief, inspire yourself to deliver results – don’t just motivate. To ensure that your story is inspirational, ensure that you are enthused with what you do. Focus on purpose, not problem; on creating, not cribbing; on ambition, not adversity. How will your today be? Inspiring or uselessly perspiring?


Make friends. We can never speak enough of this. In the morning determine the people you intend on interacting and improving your relationship with. Altruism is of the essence. You can wish well for others without bias. Connect with people. Help others. Most people think that helping others means going out of your way. Not true what I think my life is given to me by my Lord and its for rent and I pay my rent by helping others. If I help three people a day, I make an entry of prepaid rent in my book of account as Sir Javed Mehmood would say. But jokes apart, helping others brings a smile on one’s face which brings one closer to the other and that in return brings happiness to your life which becomes another topic to write about in your storybook. In addition, just make sure your interactions are magical (Magic is defined as logic that others fail to understand). Understand that alone you cannot achieve success. We are all imperfect individuals. However, together we can be a perfect team. Like a fist. The Greeks that if success offers a finger, one is suppose to take the whole hand, therefore, what am I going to do with the finger fist is good.

You are only as good as your network and circle of ‘friends’. Your inspiration can best be achieved if others are involved.


Pick up any success story of your choice. No one has ever succeeded without growing oneself physically, spiritually and emotionally. Humans are the only creation of God that have a phenomenal capacity to learn, develop and mature. Unfortunately, most people waste their lives choosing to be someone or have something without growing and developing themselves. Success is easy. It just requires hard work! Everyday spend time in developing yourself. Learn new things. Be amazed at what you have learnt; the following day place your learning into action. This is true growth. Many people read, few understand, and even fewer implement. Are you growing and developing yourself everyday?

What stories are you building your life around? Are they enhancing your potential or minimizing it? Try to have a belief that this world has lost it’s story. For it to start a new one, you get to be the initiator. Think about it.

Sing today and choose to write your story!

I would like to thank Ms. Raqshanda personally since she was the one who gave me the idea to write this article. Thanks a million!

6 Replies to “What Is The Story Of Your Life?”

  1. Good thoughts Ahmed…

    A story has many characters and amazingly every character has its own story.It is all about the importance we give to one character.I personally beleive as you have already said that “We loose because we want to loose or we can say that we have an option which says I CAN LOOSE”

    We should always keep discovering ourselves.It is all about identifying your faults! and once your faults are identified, rectifying the problem is not a problem.We should always ask ourselves the questions like WHO ARE WE?..WHY WE ARE HERE?…WHAT ARE OUR AIMS,OBJECTIVES,COMMITEMENTS AND PRIORITIES?

    Anyways Ahmed you can become an excellent motivational speaker.You have got that ability to capture the other person’s emotions with your beautiful and realistic words.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. wel one thing that can be considered as a problem in our society is “we usually hide behind our embarrassments” please speak out or atleast write, write whatever you think is worth the time!!!

    any ways good going ahmed!

  3. I hav heard ppl say dat v dont hav any control on our lives, and dat God alone is da ultimate controller, and i dont deny it but wat i personally think dat God has given us a small portion of dat control into our hands, v jus need to realize it and make use of it. v ourselves are responsible for choseing da path of our life,v need to set limitations and priorities, its easy to dream but actullay following our dreams and making them come true is da real spark, and dat is wat success is for me!!!

  4. from where the hell i get inspired and have self belif dear its easy to say but in reality the ones who face knows what it is like so just dont say out stories rather get the ways of making stories a success that would do some good to ur frnds atleast and if not atleast it will to me

  5. nice story n allll but i thnk the things u mentioned only sound good in reading n are not applicable in our lives today as u may also knw that the world today has become tooooo selfish n self centered to be thnking abt INSPIRATION,, they are inspired only by money n only want moree,,the word friendship has merely become a thought rather thn a relationship,,n sucess today can only truly be fouind by foul play……………….

    n one guy rameez has writen “We loose because we want to loose or we can say that we have an option which says I CAN LOOSE”” i thnk he is missin the point tht is evrythin is not always abt winning or losing, its the effort u put into it tht matters n the rest u leave to GOD..

    also someone by the name of marilyn manson wrote somethin abt hiding behind embarassments n speaking up,,,this is complete bull$*!t coz i can guarrentee u tht she would atleast hve a dozen experiences she wouldnt share with even her family never mind speakin up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by the way nice column

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