What’s the point?

The early morning frenzy to catch the tip bus is the best time to write an article. Yes no matter how many people choose to call it a point it’s still a bus. There can be a pick up point or maybe a get off point. But the thing which we travel to school in everyday is a bus. Not a point.

I have no idea what the concept behind writing that was. I think I’ve lost my senses in these last few days of my final semester. I can’t seem to stand some of the incessant babble that goes on in the classes. And in spite of the fact that I’ve lived on campus for 3 and a half years, I can’t wait to get on the bus at 4.

Since I’m into discussing the bus service, Man! Do I need to praise my bus driver or what? The precision and skill that he drives with, cutting corners with pin point accuracy, squeezing into the minutest space left between the monsters on the highway and of course slamming the breaks only, and only in case of a dire emergency is nothing less than proof of the many ways TIP’s been blessed.

It seems as if the world would fall apart and the mountains would start shuddering if the guy hit the breaks to leave more than a hair space between his vehicle and the next. NO IT’s NOT A POINT!

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  1. you know actually… after all this time… i think the bus ride has become and integral part of my life… i’m actually going to miss it… i just wish the scenerey on the way was as pretty as the one on the Motorway…!

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