Whats Up at TIP?

I’ve been hearing news about many of our teachers leaving TIP. Adil Mossajee, Assia Samad, Abdul Jabbar and Shujaat Alvi had already gone or resigned. Umair Saeed is also planning to leave.

Adil Mossajee and Shujjat Alvi have indeed left TIP. Adil is pursuing higher education in the United States, and Shujjat is working at a textile machinery firm.

Assiah Samad has been sent on a British Council Scholarship, partially funded by TIP, to pursue further education to be better equipped to teach when she returns.

Umair Saeed has independently applied for a scholarship to pursue further education. Him and Shujjat Alvi had intended to go abroad for studies last year, however the Board did not fund them at that time.

Rumors about Abdul Jabbar resigning in disgust about the state of our Wet Processing Lab equipment and the lack of TIP doing much about at are there. But Abdul Jabbar has not resigned. Yet.


This is something of great seriousness. Some think that these teachers are not imperative for our institute but after seven months on my job I have realized their prime importance. Even though some teachers had a rough attitude, all of you out there would agree that their course helped us a lot in our jobs.

Then there is one other problem and that is hiring of TIP graduates and giving them subjects to teach in which they are not strong. A 4.0 GPA student doesn’t mean that they?re strong in every subject. The management should find those students who are capable of communicating with the students and understand the subject that they are teaching. Rahil is such an example with his mastery of weaving.

Students should also encourage the management to spend money on academics rather than on sports and extra curricula. For example the basketball court didn’t need to be made because there are very few people interested in the game. [Ed: wrong, we have many good players. We more often than not see people playing cricket in the basketball court. Money should have been spent on getting the latest books and lab equipment or rather sponsoring deserving students.

Written by Texperts.

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  1. yeah u r write, TIP should concentrate on the academic because in the coming years the competition is going to increase in the practical as well as in educational fields. We must have equipments provided in the labs so that we will be very much aware about practicals. Library…….has nothing, this is textile institute and there is only one rack of pure textile related books and its other side is full of the foto copies.

  2. Extra cirricula should be pursued, but certainly not at the cost of academic activities. And about the library, I wonder what their yearly budget is. They should have a couple of thousand dollars available to them, and books are fairly easy to order online. It takes about 3 days for Amazon.com to deliver here.

  3. Library is spending its budget in purchasing different magazines, the magazines are good for us but we aren’t here to read all the gossips, politics bla bla. Ms. Gud Luck has to brought some textile books in library, these books have preference over magazines and after purchasing diffeent books if there is budget still left then magazines shud be purchased……….wat do u think ppl!

  4. Bad omen! the teaching is going in inxperienced hands and thaz a BAAAAAD sign. now i know why the previous batches did so well right from the first go cuz they had the previlidge to be taught under the guidance of Mr. Fazal Mehmood, Dr. Zubair, Dr.Hafeez, Dr. Shafeeq.

  5. Dear Editor,

    What ever the reason you gave me the fact still remains all of them are leaving. If Adil Mossajee is leaving for his business or if Shujaat Alvi is now working as a sales executive even then we are losing these teachers, which some how made a difference in our studies.

    Assia went to UMIST for her further studies and TIP is sponsoring it but what most of us don’t know is that she does has a contract with our university but only for six months, which means when our university is spending about millions of rupeees on her studies she’ll just come and teach for siz months and then she’s free to go any where. It should have been much better if TIP management would have spent about half of this money to get a better designing teacher who also has contact within the industry and even worked over there so our designer could get accustomed to all the things going on in the textile firms.

    Maybe you don’t know but can the TIP management didn’t play a very good role when it came to job placement for our designers. Most in the beggning were working in textile labs and some of them still are, though the stituation has some what had got better and now they are on reputable positions.

    Can the TIP management name even one teacher in the designing department who has really good relation or PR in the industry, the answer would surely be One or NON!!!

    Dr. Jabbar, though he hasn’t resigned yet but if you was in his place would you go away in the middle of the semester…i think not…..he has agreed to leave till this semester ends and i think TIP will be making a big mistake if he goes away.

    What i think and i need every ones opinion that the meistro who really knew how to run this university should come back from London. It’s time that Mr. Zubair should come back and the present management should be removed. It really took his efforts that TIP gained alot of repuatation in the textile industry but if this management is so eager on building play grounds and squash complezes and paying less attention to acedemics that i simply think one day we’ll have the same end as manewala university did.

    Reducing the number of test and removing n-1 rule may help this management to restrain students from getting scholarships but it’ll only create a mess of things and more and more students will start leaving because no one wants to pay 11,000/course and in the end want to repeat it again. Student should be given ample time to study and be relax.

  6. For your correct information, Asiah Samad had won a full British chevening scholarship which includes airfare, tuition fees, living expenses,etc, etc that you can think of. So as such TIP has not even given her a single penny. However if she signs for a contract (which she has not yet signed), she will be with TIP for 1.5 times the length of her stay away from TIP (which translates into 2.5 years of service)

    I must emphasise that the writer must invetigate before commenting on any issue.

  7. Dear Faculty Member,

    I’m afraid that Quack! ranks fairly low on the journalistic integrity scale. Many an article here is factually incorrect. However, efforts are made to ensure that those blatantly false are removed.

    Much thanks for your comment regarding Asiah’s scholarship. I’m sure that if more of our faculty comes forward by writing for Quack!, we could further move towards a better newspaper.

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