Where is the TISF?

Wish to know who runs it now… Did the students’ representatives still enjoy the liberty to do whatever they want to? Its been a long since the texperts heard from TISF… Share your views and let us know what it takes to have a vibrant and active student representation… u deserve to have one…

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  1. I just wish i could really answer that question…….sadly speaking even the ppl at TIP dont really have a clue, i would rather say that we all have lost that trust and bond we once had………..
    i used to remember that back in a few years, we always used to had some kinda session every wednesday, now hardly any TISF slot is booked for any sort of sessions.

    societies wanna work, but are not allocated enough funds, we have become quite least bothered about everything.

  2. Its your forum, funds belong to you… Don’t let it happen… Let your voice heard… Write on Quack… Print it on fortnightly basis and have it displayed on notice boards… drop a copy for the Highups to have a look… go to computer lab and make quackonline.net homepage on every PC…

  3. so u made it happened , its there on every pc ,
    cool, amazing
    bt every thing is same :):):)
    even our carnival/picnic doesn’t seem to make its way out yet :):):)
    so relax nothing is going to change

  4. salam,everyone i m the TISF president and i would like to tell my dear fellows and texpert ,the main issue TISF is facing is the participation of students and their intrest i am really pleased to see comments from my batch mate amna she is a member of TIES And she must answer my question who give 20,000/=rs to ties society this semester??? and please dont spread wrong information and please avoid negative criticism and please give suggestion rather then criticisizing..

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