Where it Begins, Where it Ends

Syed Khwaja Hashir Uddin of AMM3 dictates his views regarding the recently held elections, eagerly hoping the student body listens to what he has to say.


Elections are over, but it seems that the celebration is still going on. Well congratulation to the candidates who have won the elections. Now what are their plans for TIP?! This should be their priority now.  So far in these 4 to 5 years no student body has done such work that a typical TIPian says ‘yar ye lg to chagaye yar’. The students demand must be kept in front before they plan out any event. The entire year all students eagerly wait for TISF to do something special, specifically the first years. They just pass their time wandering around the campus eagerly waiting for any event to be conducted. They have high expectations, which are later on dumped in a corner.

Why does this happen?! I mean I know every year the student body tries its level best to give as much as the student demands but then they are not up to the mark. I am not pointing out anyone but this is what really happens. I appreciate that previous electorates did a good job for the students to bring back TISF with the new structure to meet the demands of students , but one more thing that they could have done was that , ask all the candidates to present their semester plan so that on the basis of that students  vote for the eligible person.  Elections here are like a ‘mirch masala’ show and some of the students are just waiting to make things worse between the candidates. In the end it only comes to winning or losing, and between all that working for TIP is left in the corner.

What I suggest is after being elected these position holders should collect the experienced students who have conducted successful events and the heads of the society to share their plans for TIP. In this way they will be close to student demand and can also bring something new and exciting.