Whether or not you know me, vote for me!

Somebody whom you never saw, somebody who never saw you before, if comes along and gives you warmer than a warm hug then you know it undoubtedly that the annual TISF elections are around.

People come up stressing and pushing you to vote for their friends and class fellows and most amusingly their parting sentence is: ‘Hum aap ko force nahin kur rahay!

Nominees themselves ask you: ‘Have you decided? Are you with me? Are you voting for me?’

anti-campaigners are sick people

Ethics are already scarce, but people have lost their sanity too. How many of the same people will actually tell them candidly that hey are not voting for them!

Obviously, campaigning for one’s group is very natural. But campaigning does not mean haunting and stopping poor souls, one after another, in order to gain their votes.

Besides, these people have nothing more convincing to say than to chant ‘vote for me� or bribing students by an offer of free lunch. So, the fools forgetting the ever-green saying, ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’, are taken in.

Throughout my academic life, I have witnessed many student council elections (which were fun), but never one with so much of gross politics.

Anti-campaigning is another unethical practice which is most common. To me, anti-campaigners are sick people. They are pitiable as they face a dilemma. Dearth of talents in themselves is so much so that that they having nothing in themselves to campaign for and thus they are left with no choice but to slander their opponents.

Looking at the brighter side

On my part, if one is confident enough to run an office, if one is dedicated to his work, if one is deserving then one needs not haunt, bribe or hug every other passerby to win a vote as actions speak louder than words.

Lets look at the brighter side of these elections; some of the most ill-mannered people (read bullies), if not completely, then at least partially put up acts of being angelic creatures. So here goes a suggestion: The period before the elections should better be elongated, at least we will have more peace of mind from the bullies!

The author remains anonymous.

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  1. congratulations to up coming TISF and spacially to SHERYAR>>>>>>. but remember for u TISF functions have become a big big chalange bec during the last couple of semester TISF have lost their audiance and participents and how it is up to u how much r u successful to win the interset of TIP studenst and bring back to TIP to participate in TISF activities…. u have to bring some thing new in TIP. this is the only way u can win our HEARTs inculding S’s……..

  2. mriyam ur trying to be smart . Well u know u lost the election try to learn sth from it .And mazhar do ur work ,u already lost even u were not able to particiate loook at u …do sth for u not for maryam what she is doing we all know ok sweet heart

  3. well arafat and jaweriya nice hair cut by the way i think u gys went to the same barbar same time i believe ….. keep it up

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