Who Killed the TISF?

In the 14 weeks and 14 Fridays of the Fall Semester, the TISF president in his note on TISF is the Greatest could outline only seven concrete achievements.

# Hangama and other movies
# TIP Talent Night
# Carnival and Hoola!
# Inter-University Debate
# Football Tournament
# Badminton Tournament
# Table Tennis Tournament

How many of these events can we actually give them credit for? Was the Inter-University Debate really a brainchild of Abdul Saboor or any of the other TISF members. Was it their achievement? The Carnival? The Hoola!? Is one to consider screening a movie kae jee, hum nae toh bara teer mara?

But as I said in an earlier post:

Yes, the TISF is not there to do much of the actual work themselves. They’re there as your elected representatives to make sure that the work you choose to do happen smoothly and within TIP norms. They do things like raising and managing funding for the events you mention.

So just who is killing the TISF? Is it that the elected members are weak, powerless, and without ambition and will enough to do anything? Or is it you, the electorate, the people they represent, the people who are unwilling to work?

As Eiffel 65 puts it, It?s gonna cost you nothing, You want to move someone, Start with your body, Yo come on and try to move somebody, If you wanna move alone, Then everybody will move along with you.

[Hmm, this is now starting to sound corny and weird]

Point being, come on people, lets take matters into our own hands. Lets start doing things ourselves. Let’s stop talking about who doesn’t do what, or how badly they do what they do. Let’s get done what we want to do. Come on now everybody. Show that you C.A.R.E.

4 Replies to “Who Killed the TISF?”

  1. oh my God !!…please resolve this tisf…each n every day they claim that they have done a lot of work…yes i agree they ve done a lot bakwaas nothing else n i hope they wont be doing this semester too…mr saboor hungama was a bad idea of yours n it wasn’t a success…the hoolah n carnival was all done by ali merchant’s n mazhar’s group…football tournament done by hammad(ts-2a)…but very sorry tht cunning arfat took all the credit..table tennis nahi hua abhi tak…
    abid i agree with you tht its foolish to claim these people but they are so cheap that they dont accept their fault..thts the reason people r angry wid them….well we all people r doing our work but in the end only tisf took the credit of all our deeds…take the example of quack…i know u ve done all the work..it was ur idea..it was ur hard work…but still tisf is included in this…i m asking y ?…

  2. Before i apprieciate the way a “TISF well wisher” commented on the article, i suggest him/her to read the article again this article requires a greater depth of thought then just looking at its title and writing a comment on it. Its not your fault but may i say this fact that we enjoy discussing issues but bother least to make an effort to solve them.

    (dissolve-resolve) Sorry but errors sometimes make a louder and clear sense than the actual word as i fully agree with you lets resolve the TISF. Yes TISF needs you and your participation to make itself an active student body.

    You pointed out number of students who actually did the work at TISF events, my friend this is what TISF is for. We six members team was not elected as to work as servants for rest of their life at TIP, we were elected as your representatives. Its the priamary objective of TISF to make TISF open for students so that students utilize the funds and resources to make healthy social activities and in the process polish their skills of manageing things.

    My friend a wellwisher is one who tries to help people out of trouble whom he wll wished for, but you seem to be one of those who tried in the past to use flawful and unorganized behaviour of TISF for the gains in the next TISF elections. i suggest that you and anyone who thinks that TISF still has a chance to improve itself make yourself open for people, i guarentee that you will definately gain from this, but still your efforts are highly appreciatable with mentioning name with class and section.

    Anyways lets “bardasht this non sense cheap TISF” for the time being hope for some improvements…

  3. Talib, quit criticizing with different anonymous nicks and give quack and tisf a break from your pathetic views. will ya?

  4. Hey, I never used any anonymous nicks and I never criticized TISF, although it needs to be criticized. And remember one thing Jennifer or whoever you are … it’s you, who has hidden his/her name … I can use my name anywhere I want. And you know what. … Quack does not need a break, but as far as TISF is concerned, it’s already broken or rather I should say it never came into existence.

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