Why I stay in the hostel??

Have you ever lain down on the grass stared up at the stars and noticed the different colors. Have you ever spent long rambling conversations with friends all night long? Seen the red moon. Counted trucks as they passed and seen the trains go whizzing by. Found romance under stolen mornings, chocolate and sunsets. That’s the TIP hostel and a lot more. I have discovered friendship when I doubted its existence. I have learnt to live with people I don’t like and be friendly with those whom I can’t stand. Food from roadside inns and snacks passed through grills between the hostels at 2 in the morning. Been through days when I couldn’t get out of bed and couldn’t stop crying. And there have been days when I could not stop singing. And mornings when I have woken up at 6 to go for a walk in the drizzle. And nights I have stayed up just to see the sun rise. Counseled friends over broken hearts and seen relationships blossom and strengthen and then dwindle and fade. Seen the despair and happiness that people are capable of. Found company in solitude. Seen the moon reflected on the lake while drinking hot tea. Eaten ice cream every night in the severe winter cold. Played hopscotch in the cafeteria and slept in the library. Discovered exotic insects and slept with chameleons on the bed stead and frogs under the cupboards. Learnt the name of every plant and shrub and eaten half ripe fruits plucked off the trees. Gotten soaked through in water fights and baked alive for pointless throw ball competitions. Learnt how to play soccer and how not to act in a play. Learnt to hear in the stillness of the night and to scream in the wind. Actually lived with insane wardens and slept with songs being played at the highest volume. Painted my hair pink and purple and learnt how to dance badly. Discovered every nook and cranny, walked down every path and climbed every wall, possible and not possible. Spent hours talking without saying a word. Formed relationships and learnt to trust and to hope and to dream.

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  1. well javaria it seemed that athis article is purely written by u for u …since u hav narrated ur own story no else bdy is invovled any how i cant use strange and hard words for any one…with the resoect of article it is brilliantly written strong story behind with real effective vocabulary well done and back up javairia and plz take care of me…AH

  2. in response to faiz ul hasans comment:

    i agree with javaria. its just that u need to think and express with such clarity that you could be able to comprehend the joy it conceals, and its not written only for herself but for all of us

    and wat do u mean by take care of me?????

  3. nice article javairia – good to hear the girls hostel is such a peaceful opposite of the boys one.

    “back up javairia and plz take care of me”

    how very suggestive.hehe. chicken soup for the perverted soul. kidding

    I doubt if she can take care of u since she /probably/ stays at the girls hostel and women at tip enjoy watching freshers get ragged because thats the time they can enjoy watching shirtless men in real without fearing k mummi aajaye gi.

  4. ppl who r livin in the hostel and hav lived there….can relate to it in some manner…….and its not story of an individual……

    very niceleeee put into words……makes u value the place like TIP hostel……..

  5. Undoubtfully Superb article wid beautiful selection of words!!!…TIP hostel!!missin u badly:(

  6. sigh…and considering those times are probably ending for us karachi walaya, the theme’s become even more poignant.

  7. Hope is here yet for a price six big one’s! Rs.6000/=
    That’s a big number considering that ramzan is coming up and a lot of us won’t be staying here for a month!!

  8. Javaria…I could not agree more. Looking back…I know that I would have never spent those awesome years at any other college. There were a lot of things wrong with TIP….but there was so much more that made it the best college experience ever! oh and yes…i miss tip.

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