Why So Small?

My audience of one, hello and welcome back. And congratulations for reading Quack. Because we write for you and you alone. Apparently no one else reads Quack. Certainly not the way you’re reading us, standing in front of the notice board, squinting your eyes to take in every word. You look quite the fool you know. Reading. Hmmph. Quite not the thing to do at TIP. Especially not in front of the notice board.

Then again, just in the first week of February we’ve had a record breaking 628 unique visitors online at quack.offroadpakistan.com. Well ya, some of them did come looking for ‘opinion about ragging in colleges‘ (Ed: I believe they consider our students very learned in the matter), and ‘the problem of university education in Pakistan’ (Ed: Again, we’re at the forefront). Anyway, the internet bubble has long burst, and online reading is, well, so like yesterday.

Which brings us back to today, and the question at hand. Why so small? For lack of content. Nobody writes for Quack. Nobody wants to write for Quack. Even we don’t want to write for Quack. Yes, lets through journalism out the window. TIP doesn’t need a student newspaper. Lets let this independent voice die down. After all, it’s not like anybody reads us. Sniff.

But wait. What’s this? Yes, you. Yes, I’m talking to you. You, the one reading us. You give us hope. We want you to come see us, sometime this week, to talk about how we can make Quack work. Bring your friends along, whether you’re student, faculty, staff or administration. We’re sure you’ll have some ideas for us. Friday suit you okay?