Will the whispering voices start Quacking, please?

Okay, so it seems that you’ve already heard of the latest increase in our fees. Of course, the management never bothered to officially inform us before we were handed our fee bills stating a 10% increase. One wonders what the ‘non-profit’ organization that we call TIP is trying to prove participating in the fee hike along with elitist (some call them top-ranking) universities of the city. Maybe, the institute wants to position itself in the minds of people as an elitist institution at par with the rest, or maybe not. So what, if the intake is of lower standards (as they call it). The fees sure isn’t! Now, one completely understands how the rising inflation is affecting everyone, including organizations and their spending. But why do you forget that it is affecting the individual even more. Sure, the campus maintenance supposedly costs a lot, but we haven’t been seeing a lot of any of that lately, considering how sunken tiles on our walkways and the broken drier in the washroom hasn’t been fixed in a very long time and the hostel remains in a sorry state at all times.

Having said all this, only the tip of the iceberg has been tipped yet and the writer does not wish to attract the management’s wrath entirely towards himself, but to deliver the voice of the masses to the top. They say that TIP is the most democratic institution in the country. Well it seems they’re wrong. Had it been so, we would have seen the students unite and protest against these injustices instead of whispering against them against them away from the ears of those capable of reversing their problems. Are they afraid they’ll get expelled? Heck, no, that cant happen! TIP’s trying to increase its revenues, not kill them. Now back to the core issue. Surely there must be ways to tackle the problem without directing it towards the people who help it survive? You want to bring down costs, involve management people in your decision making instead of relying solely on textile bigwigs. Look what they’ve done to the industry, you don’t want the same to happen to TIP. There are so many ways to bring down costs. For example, turning off the faculty air conditioning can greatly bring down TIP’s expenses. I promise you, the faculty will survive. The students do too. Even those who are not destined to work on the floors, quoting the irrational example given all the time. Lets all learn to survive in times of adversity together and get rid of the darned VIP culture. Furthermore, why let the student strength remain irrationally low? Enroll more students! Saturation in the job market, you say? Well, even lots of faculty members, as they say, have been suggesting since ages to add more disciplines such as fashion design and masters degrees. There’s even potential to start an architecture program with special focus on textile architecture. You try, the solutions will come. But it will all start once the high ups learn to come out of their shells of self importance, learn to trust others and make use of valuable services provided by qualified solution providers in management, marketing, finance and even textiles. One cannot accept that the entire faculty, which supposedly consists of qualified masterminds of their subjects cannot be trusted, put to positive use and removed from their under-utilization to help alleviate TIP’s miseries. Many institutes such as IBA ensure that the students have to pay a fixed amount of semester fees throughout their 8 semesters and increments arising from inflation are for the new batches. Why something more sensible be applied here as well? After all, we like to compare, don’t we?

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  1. Hey. What about cutting the TISF budget for carnivals, dance parties and picnics. Sure, we dont need entertainment events at the cost of our huge fee increase. Let us reserve our TISF budget by eliminating some functions…

    Why you need Air conditioned buses? We dont want AC coasters, we can travel on non AC as well…

    Management could have done a consensus before implementing this decission…

  2. The thing is are we gonna get sumthing dats worth our money!
    AC coasters, hah, it bearly works in da afternoon, and cafeteria wid a supply of food dat we hav to eat when we are in dire need for it!
    Secondly, We designers hav a whole lot of other expenses, which i guess u all would be familiar wid, i dont need to explain! Fine if dere is an increment in da fee, den make our art supplies available at tip, free of cost, its not gonna b easy bearing dese many expenses! and its not just da designers, every other student has to pay apart from the semester fee, and to add up it all, its gonna sum up to a really humongous amount!

  3. There’s actually a teacher who prefers assignments and reports in color. The more the glittering presentation, the more chances you have of getting better marks. As if, BW printouts @ Rs.2/page weren’t enough, we have to engage in a senseless marathon of Rs.80/page color printouts for 1 and 2 marks worth assignments, not to mention stacks of notes, textbooks(one of our courses had at least 4 textbooks, this semester, food, projects and all associated expenses just to start with.

  4. who dont they think that we are nt the only ones at our home .. i mean if we take more than one lac every four year where will our siblings go .. they also study ..

    and plz have some mercy on designers pleasee…..

  5. correction:

    why dont they think that we are nt the only ones at our home .. i mean if we take more than one lac every four month where will our siblings go .. they also study ..

    and plz have some mercy on designers pleasee…..

  6. TIP is an extremely democratic institute; let’s give credit where it’s due. That’s why there should be a discussion among the students, faculty and administration about the fee rise. maybe a suitable solution can come that all parties can compromise on. at the very least, each side can have his or her say. it’s good to know all angles of an issue.

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