Word spreads like wildfire!

I believe it’s laid down in black and white. Any students involved in physical misconduct will be awarded a warning for their first offence and thrown out on their second offence.

Some people, however, due to narrow escapes, will never learn. If they weren’t in trouble already, one of the third year’s, last week, smacked a second year in the face over a petty issue which started as a joke.

The senior felt that his authority had been insulted. So smack he went. Not once but twice, straight in the face, entertaining the crowd sitting outside the dorms.

The smart victim kept his cool and didn’t retaliate at the moment. The following day as he was on his way to the president the very senior who had hit him approached, begging and pleading. Mein bura, he said. I deserve to be hit. Hit me. Slap me he said, taking the juniors hand and hitting his face. I’ll do anything you say. Just don’t report this to the President.

The matter wasn’t reported and that night the respected senior placed aside his bharam and publicly apologized to the second year in presence of all those who watched the previous night’s events.

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  1. Hey :), I love the way I write too, but this article happens to be written by Aaaaasim Ahmed. He was too lazy to post this himself, and I’m too lazy to change the ‘posted by’ name.

    But on a more serious note, its sad that our administration doesn’t take serious notice of matters of violenece. Incidents like this one, and “Reporting 10/20” (http://quack.offroadpakistan.com/news/reporting_1020.html), should lead to immediate disciplinary action. These incidents are swept under the carpet while a frentic hullabaloo is raised over relativaly minor issues (the the infamous “elfi” incident).

    And talking about getting their act together, their computer lab sucks, their laboratories are a sham, their teaching is in shambles, and the more one badmouths them the more they think its praise!

    Is this really a quality educational institution? When their focus isn’t on improvement, TIP is really the pits.

    And did I say, I love the way you comment! Why don’t you join our team?

  2. Aha a good egzampil of Thanday Bharam.. HAHA well it was a cold war, i really wanted to see the hard core f It.. Just a Joke!! There should be somebody to stop this illegal wars…. ACTION .. migh be the way.

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