Work in progress :p

I, Rabbiya Abdullah and Nussebah Osman have started an un-official organizing committee, that will be organizing events and raising funds for charity. We are people who like having fun yet want to do our part for the society.

We have selected two committee members on basis of interest from each year of the design department and some have already been selected from the marketing department to assist us in organizing and making decisions. Further committee members will be selected according to participation.We had our first meeting a while back and the turn out was impressive. We decided on a name for the committee and settled with ‘T spectrum’ and people who were interested signed up as members.

Anybody who would like to join is welcome and can come and sit in on any of our meetings to see what we are all about. We took part in an event recently and raised a reasonably good amount. (Thanks to the people who helped out selflessly. Ahsan, Godil, Mustafa, Rameez, Habib, Jawad, Rida, Faizan, Uzair, Nabah and TDT1, Sherry, Nehdiyah and Saad)

We have agreed on a short term agenda and have also been offered sponsorship for our next event which we will be further discussing at our next meeting. We always talk about how we feel bad for the less privileged, yet we don’t want to give up the privileges God has blessed us with and so we are combining the two, so you can enjoy yet do a bit for those who don’t get to.

We hope to see you all at the next meeting!

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  1. This article isn’t about the event, its about our organization that took part In the event. Please don’t confuse the two.

  2. o ho ab aisy log event krwaie gay..HEy apni organization ma atleast log tu organize rakho n tm hostel walo ko thankx bolo jin k waja se thora rush tha tmhry event ma..

  3. i think v should not consider an enent on da behalf of da presence of hostellites or citiietz v should appriciate those who took a part .or wese b jis jis ko maza aya wo event me aya jins ko nahi aya wo nahi aya in my eyez es me koi ehsan wali baat tu nahi hai.

  4. I am talking about the money we raised from the stalls for t spectrum that my friends helped with. If I talk about the event then I would definitely like to thank the hostellites for there effort and that was a combined effort between tdt2 and tisf.

  5. i belong to TS01A n my frndx group want to join T spectrum for the betterment of TIP n for us to…i really appreciate ur step for doing something good on ur own basis.. .. .as per my opinion T spectrum seems to be an organize commitee just because we saw T group work in fest…so it will go further n an outstanding and an astonishing way….nice work

  6. “Charity washes away sins like water washes away dirt”. It is such a great relief to know that we have people like them who care about deprived people so much. Great move. I wish you all the best. Good luck 🙂

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