Yeh kya hai? Yeh Quack kya cheez hai?

*And how reads it anyways?* Our judiciously measured statistics show that hundreds of people (well, a 101) read Quack! Online everyday, visiting 1561 times from over 28 countries and searching for things like ‘article on fashion textiles,’ ‘ali raza merchant’ and ‘role of women in textile.’

*But you ask, who reads Quack offline? Who reads it at TIP?* Our photographers waited weeks and finally found some 7 people reading Quack (as below picture proves). While they were embarrassed to caught on camera reading our student newspaper, Sana Kazmi was brave enough to comment; ‘Quack touches me at the very heart, it is the soul of this institution.’

april2 044.jpg

*But what is this in the first place?* Quack, like the TISF, stands to represent the students at TIP. The TISF as a forum puts a voice to the student body, a voice that is heard. Quack! Online is an extension that that voice. And oftentimes, we have been heard loud and clear!

*And now for a lesson in history.* Quack has its beginnings as the weekly student news bulletin of the Textile Institute of Pakistan, established by Rabia Shah (class of 2002) in 2001. During Rabia’s reign as Editor, Quack became an important part of the TIP culture. Students would eagerly wait the time Monday morning, when the latest Quack would be posted on the notice boards. Quack became not only an important source of news at TIP; it also was an outlet for students to vent their feelings, frustrations, and aspirations about TIP, its administration and faculty.

*And Yadda yadda yadaa, blah.* The future direction and longevity of Quack! is to move forward from weekly gossip to more regular news, views, opinions, interviews, and yes gossip also.

*You think Quack! is dull?* Come up with better ideas and let us know! We’re also recruiting new contributors (and readers!) and are looking for a photographer (camera will be provided). Email us online or contact Aasim Ahmed, Adil Marvi, Bilal Akther or Maryam Binte Ahmed for more information.

3 Replies to “Yeh kya hai? Yeh Quack kya cheez hai?”

  1. Quack’s history also deserves the name of Abid Omar, a thin lanky guy from the then first year who designed the lay out for the initial *QUACKS*. It has been a hard work from his end & today (whether in ofice or at home either it’s a desktop or a laptop or my cell fone) when i get online, the very first web site i log on to is

    Though Abid is not these days at TIP but i’ll advocate him saying his contributions for TIP are much more than a single err he had committed for which he is paying a heavy price.

    its a modest act that he has written the above article but hasnt mentioned his name throughout.

    I am surprised that for a guy like abid not a single voice has been raised against his suspension orders!!!

  2. Hi all,

    Only one lil bit of addition/correction for those who are interested.
    TIP had news letters even when it was TUP, way before classes started in BinQasim Campus.
    One can not ignore the efforts of individuals like Mr. Kashif Chouhdary(Second ever TISF president) and Mr. Mansoor Jamal Qureshi(only person on record who never contested for the post yet did a brilliant job).
    Call it Quack call it the Weekly Newsletter, Week Ender or Over Heard. Its been there since very beginning an ppl hv been reading/ contributing and appreciating it like any thing.


  3. Definitely, Mansoor bhai did i great job remembering the fact that the publications secretary was unable to bring out a magazine and Mansoor bhai did it in his last three months (taking out an annual magazine for TIP ins uch a short time)

    Regarding Kashif choudhery, I do not know cuz i wasnt a part of TIP then.
    Thanks for making us all remember and correct!

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