YinG Convention ’10

By Asad Jafri, amm-1

The 2nd National Youth Convention organized by Transparency International – Pakistan, was held on the 24th & 25th of September 2010 at Regent Plaza, Karachi. The TIP team comprised of Shahzad Sarwar, Rao Sohaib, Shumaila Rajput, Ahsan Shah, Khwaja Hashir Uddin and me, Asad Jafri. This was my first participation in a convention hosted by Transparency International. During the 2 days of the convention, I learnt quite a lot about corruption and different forms of it, how it affects other people’s lives and how we ourselves play a vital role in its existence.

The first day began with the introduction by Dr. N. I. Khowaja, Director Projects Transparency International – Pakistan, followed by an inaugural speech by the honourable chief guest Mr. Haq Nawaz Akhter, retired civil servant. The general format of the convention was such that in an individual session, a guest speaker would deliver a speech on a particular topic monitored by a chairperson, followed by a question and answer session. At the end of each session, the respective chair would share his or her views about the topic and the questions asked. Notable speeches included those by Prof. Moinuddin Ali Khan, a professor at CBM Karachi, Dr. Talat. A. Wizarat, Professor at IBA Karachi, and the most appreciated in my opinion, Mr. Abdullah Jamal, a Producer at ARY Digital explaining his audience about the role of media in the promotion of corruption.

At the end of the 2nd Day, one participant from each university had to speak about what they learned at the convention. I opted to speak on behalf of Textile Institute of Pakistan and received the encouragement from my team mates to do so. Though I did not win, I summarized what we had learnt in those two days and suggested solutions to combat corruption and to lessen it, if not eradicate it completely. I suggested that we need to change the way people think these days, especially in Pakistan. How they should not take everything for granted and not to solve things by handing money to the party being dealt with. How the foundation of a person needs to be strong with strong ethical and moral values so that he or she can have a solid, inspiring character and personality. I’m glad I attended this convention and hope to spread their message across as much as possible.

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  1. Great descriptive write-up asad……….i really appreciate new peolpe coming up on this forum to write and express….keep it rolling!

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