Zain Goplani in TIPtalk

Team TiES feels great proud in giving the students of this institute some very productive and informative personalities consecutively over the past few weeks so that the students should move along the competitive world by their personal grooming and motivation to be a remarkable representation of Textile Institute of Pakistan. A recent example was the session of TIPtalk where the students enjoyed, shared, mingled shouting out loud with what they think their strengths are, and were influenced by the deep voice and influencing words of Mr. Zain Goplani. On the other hand, we feel ashamed on some bad habits of the students here that they were late and most were absent giving off a low strength to such a person who could have changed their lives.

Mr. Zain Goplani have been speaking to students like us to reach their boundaries that they are scared of reaching because of their fears and have been a victim of glass-ceiling syndrome. He being a personal example of enthusiasm and success only at the age of 21 reached out to the heart and mind of people like us to grow and leave your comfort zone to reach excellence and contribute to this society for mutual profit.

Zain started the session with a question as to what the Tipians think of Tipians. Luckily, everybody was being diplomatic and didn’t allow their personal opinion to spread, using the words awesome and superb. Some were quite intelligent and shy that they stick to the basics by using the words “Humans’ and “Tipians”. After some time, he made this clear that many of us did not believe in ourselves and our doubtful when the question arises to regarding changing the world. After a while, he asked everybody to stand and meet different people in the lecture theatre and tell them what we think our strengths are. This activity was later explained that nobody would ever appreciate and value us until and unless we are not proud on our strengths and value our own self. These were some informative but shocking news that we really appreciate Zain for letting us know.

Moving forward with his session, he marked out many flaws of ours that we have, being a part of this particular society. He showed the pictures of Saeed Ajmal and Arfa Karim Randhawa and made us realized that how much we valued them during their ups and downs in life. Same goes with everybody around us that we leave them when they don’t meet our expectations. Then, from social evils to road problems and corruption to messy bedrooms, all were discussed with great enthusiasm from the crowd. Reason explained for discussing these problems were that these problems relate to our own personality whether on individual or collective level and that we always show a biased nature between positivity and negativity and often go with the flow where we see the majority.

Concluding the session, he asked for volunteers to illustrate a simple confusion that everybody has related their own goals of life. Hafsa Azhar and Raveed Khan went and were quite convincing to everybody that they don’t have their purpose of life quite clear and neither does anybody of us watching them have that goal figured out. These were some of the influential details briefly explained as to what remained in my mind.

Before leaving, Zain was given the Tip’s Plaque as a token of appreciation by our academic coordinator Mr. Umair Saeed for coming over and giving a try to motivate us and getting our lives on track. We, Team TiES also like to thank Zain and look forward in seeking cooperation in other projects that are in the development process.


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