All shuggal and tafree at the TIP Hostel?

In my last four years at TIP, I never saw any day when there was no new story about the hostel, hostel students or hostel life. I could never understand and digest why students specially the day scholars, who have nothing to do with the hostel, are so worried about the hostel. Why they make up stories which have no reality, or comment on any one without any confirmation and solid reasons, I do not understand.

TIP hostel has nothing special about it, except its location 51 km away form the lively city, where after 10 pm no living thing is found except snakes, reptiles and hostel students.

About the hostel students first thing which I hated the most their nick “bacaray hostel walay.” I could not understand why they are “bacaray.” They have every thing which others have and even more than others. They have all the facilities provided by their parents. The reason they are staying here away from their homes is not enjoyment but to gain some education and make their future.

I know some day scholars who stay in hostel just for enjoyment and use to say “yar ajj hostel main rooktay hain shugall lajian gay,” or “hostel main rooktay hain tafree hai gee.” They come just for shugall and tafree.

There are also some students who seriously come for studies. When I was in my first year and taking my math course, Sir Hisham bin Zubair used to advice weak students to stay in the hostel and spend time to learn math from the brighter hostel students. People used to stay and they got a lot done, and now I’m sure they will agree with me.

During hourly’s, the hostel used to be fully packed even with three or four students in a room. But unfortunately the times are changing. The person who used to advice students to stay there, now started warning them against it. Now no one come during hourlies to study, but hostel students go to the city for studies.

I can’t understand why all this happened. During my four years, whenever I tried to stay at my uncle’s home, I could not concentrate on my studies and I had to come back to the hostel. The environment and the undisturbed time that one can get at hostel, one cannot have at home. I always got good grades during my stay at hostel. But why students are not getting good grades now? Even other hostel students and not doing as good as I and my seniors used to do. Always there are hostel students, who used to top their batch. But why now there is no one now, I can’t understand.

I hated a lot when somebody came late to class and say “hostel ka point late hoo gaya tha” although he was coming from city and spent his time some where outside with someone.

Hostel ki life sab say zada mazay dar hai or main iss ko sari zindegi yad karoon ga is what I found in my last four years. At the hostel although we are away from city we enjoy it a lot whether it is BBQ night, Music night, Carnival night, football, cricket or volleyball tournament, every night we enjoyed a lot. And what about other days and nights which we spend alone here in the “jangle” first year night, new comers interview night, first week of every semester, golden night and our own designed music night (free from all rules) and above all a week before the election. Every one come to hostel for votes. Always hostel was the center of the election campaign and of all the strategies and the do numbery. Hostel students always played the role of king makers.

Although there are some cases in which hostel students nominated guilty but the DC never succeeded in proving them guilty although they some of them were punished for what they didn’t do. The ELFI case, Abid’s case, Naeem’s case and most recently the Thatta case and some cases which I can’t be discuss here (I hope you get the hint). At one side they are not pleasant but on the other side when we see them under enjoyment. Heading we will have lots of enjoyment shuggal and tafree in them.

I agree that there are some black sheep who don’t take care for others and think only about themselves and their own benefits and friendships. Sometimes they hoot others (seniors) and then maar bhi khaty hain, sometimes they come to back the election candidates and “band kamray main Quran pay qasmain othwathy hain” and when they come for the leadership they are terminated from their seats and a new establishment come into power. I can’t understand why they cross their limits.

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  1. Dear Raghib
    I dint read the whole article of urs but just gazed through it. When I entered TIP..I hated the hostelites. I thought they were backward and they have some grudge towards the karachiites. this hatred stayed till i was in my 3rd yr. Later this extreme hatred changed into extreme affection. The hostelites never bugged me but it was their attitude towards a person who had always though -ve for them, that changed my path of thinking.

    I remember my mom had a cardiac stroke and was on the verge of a life loss. I had so many calls , assuring help from people..who i thought were so “to be hated”.

    All the time, the luv and respect from juniors like Usman Wahla, Amjad, Ammar saif, Usman (Lahori), Ali Shahnawaz etc made me change my attitude.

    But one thing never changed, the thought of Hostelites as being Becharas!!!! y..? cuz i felt, if u people have left homes and crossed hundreds of miles, living all alone for seeking education; atleast u shud be well taken care of.
    You are right you; enjoyed all the fascilities back home, but i rather doubt abt the comforts you enjoy while away from home here in TIP. 4 saal ho gaye hain..ramzan main hostel ki aftari to ki ho gee? kesi lagee..kabhi ghar main aesee ki thee? what wud that gal had felt, when she was ill and at night she knocked the door of the gal’s wardern for meciation and no body opened till she went back shattered??? 4 saal main kia hostel ka khana kabhi bhi aesa raha hai ki tumhain ghar ki yaad na ayee ho?? such are the reasons that make me say that hostelites are becharas.

    but i must tell you..USMAN KHAN is an example for you people. A hostelite who lived this bechara life and today, single handedly he is paving a way of succes for the TIPians in the punjab market. Just a week back i had a call from the Sapphire group Punjab , the guy asked for more TIPians and said, USMAN KHAN zabardast jaa raha hai..i hope the rest of the TIPians are also the same!

    Best of luck..Days scholars and the hostel boarders.

    Note: by the way , there is no english word as “hostelites”

  2. well , hostel life is ended now for me , infact i must say that university life completed now . i was not new to hostel life when i came in tip . i was in FCC hostel lahore during my college life . i will ever remember tip life . sham ko cafe ke bahir bethna , late nite squash kehlna , queeta hotel se namkeen khane jana , it all seems like a dream , i was hostel president in final year and i learnt a lot from this experience. i wish not to go again in tip bcz i have very deep attachement with this place , and it wll be hard for me to forget this place till my last brethe .

  3. There are always merits of things as well as the demerits of things but since we considering Hostel life then it is not less than shugal tafree but a heaven for the wardon family not to do any thing and make the most of the pennies that is the reason they could not servived uptil..i still know a few ones from themm..any how i must remeber late going to classes..cafeteria specially i often sang there in bad voice…and computer heaven lab…last but not the least entrance gate of tip through which i came out..sorry long story to bear..

  4. hi
    what i think about hostel is HOME AWAY FROM HOME
    but only for thoes who think in this way
    i know some people who come to hostel jsut for shugal and tafree or with soe other purpeose what they can’t do at home
    hostel as a whole is great place specially for the days when city is at strike
    hotel is just a picknic place for hostel residents
    people at home in city cant immagine this snece of indenpendence and enjoyment that only hostel people get
    on the other hand people at hostel can spend more time in studies which other people spend in trevelling or other things.,… that is why they a a head in results and other activities and are always a head to oter students weather its the matter of studies, reports , projects, games, elctions and other activities

    what oter people tey must share and must point out any thing that they think that can be improved

  5. Well, for one, It’s strange to know that TIP has really low standards when it comes to the English section of the aptitude test, and that TIP probably doesn’t offer any English improvement courses.

    If the seniors, after so many years cannot even write a single simple grammatically correct sentence in their comments, it’s really sad to think about standards of other things at TIP.

    How do u prepare reports, n all? :-O

  6. Dear “A Fresher,”

    TIP does require its students to take English classes focusing on improving written and oral communication skills. Unfortunately, classes alone do not improve ones quality of language. Personal interest has a lot more to do with that.

  7. i dont know who wrote this article but my ideas not completely but upto some extent diverts from his TOPIC TITLE….any how every thing is not there i think…what u think?

  8. i think shugal and tafree is part of college life but studies should be first priority …. and when we look at hostel students we must admit they are always ahead from others in all ways .. they have positions in class, bathch and groups. no of students have been listed in deans and president list.

  9. //we must admit they are always ahead from others in all ways .. they have positions in class, bathch and groups. no of students have been listed in deans and president list.//

    Big deal! our education system, even in UNIVERSITY level ensures that ratta is the best policy. Don’t deny it. Anyone who can memorise whole texts from the textbooks is bound to get good grades. ESP at TIP

  10. hi
    yes ratta is best policy not only in TIP but in all uni and colleges but no one can memorize every thing and no one forget every thing. when their is some thing that u cant understand u can ratta it but this works for short time…. u have to have it understood…..
    now i’m in industry and even here in porfessional life u have to memorize some constants and formulaz and conversion factor, standerds and most commenly extension nos of ur collegues………
    i used to memorize lot of thing but that was so fast that even now u can ask me now i am confident that i can reproduce that not 100% but with atleast 70% accurancy ………
    this all depends upon person how he understand thing — it is my personal experience that when u ratta some thing and use that in ur routine u get that fast in ur mind and Ctrl+X does not works there…..
    bye the way….. no one can pass any exam with out it. even no tecaher, prersenter or professor can deliever his lecture with out it…. one have to memorize some thing to be in sequence and when one leave its sequence u will find him confuse and unable to corelate things…….. i had a teacher who come with complete prep for his lecture and when he goes back to his rome get out his notes and compare what he delievered and what missed and if he missed some thing he must point that point in his next lecture or even if u by chance met him on the way in campus he would imidetely let u know that he have missed some thing and will teach u that…… yes u ID him rightly …. that is MUUNA….
    am i right……

  11. I’ve managed to survive with fairly ok grades without any ratta, u know..I know many who have..
    Ratta isn’t long term. What u learn from research, experience and other methods of learning stays in longer, I think, with one having better understanding of the thing.

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