First Impressions of Hostel Life (A freshmen’s tale)

By Hira Saiyed TDT1

It’s been a month now since I found myself boarding a yellow bus that would take me out of Karachi to a place I’d only read about, and it’s been a pretty interesting month. Firstly, it’s nice being able to breathe without taking in a lung full of diesel smoke (on the other hand you can’t breathe here without taking in a lung full of cigarette smoke, so there’s not much difference), and secondly, I got to experience life in a hostel (yes, the freedom went to my head)

Certain things about hostel life I had trouble getting used to, for example, I realized that I was a grasshopper magnet. That all the grasshoppers of the locality would fall over themselves when I walked past, and make lines to enter my room. I also still haven’t gotten used to having the filter right besides the bathroom (I’m not sure, but I think that’s unhygienic) and sharing the shower stall with a colony of ants. But there are moments I wouldn’t trade for a truck full of chocolate. It’s unbelievable how the Fauji fertilizer plant changes at night (It’s popularly known as the Titanic) and the Ahmed Habib walkway seems straight out of a calendar shot. And to tell you the truth, it’s great being around people who, if not exactly your soul mates, share the same feeling of excitement at newfound independence. Right, I’m being over dramatic, so I’ll stop.

You learn a lot here. For example, the first night I had an unfortunate encounter with a giant grass insect which helped me realize that I HATE insects. Sadly I had told a friend that I loved all animals and thus made a complete fool of myself. Also throughout the first week I stayed I was afraid of walking to the designing studio at night. Who wouldn’t be? I’d nearly stepped on three frogs, I honestly had no idea what was lurking in the grass (which, by the way, wasn’t cut then) and the cafeteria man wasn’t giving me any food (“khatam ho gaya hai.” Convenient). But now, thanks to the lessons learnt and a much stronger immune system, I can live without worrying about.

A) Giant grass insects

B) Frogs

C) Serial killers

D) Cafeteria ka khaana

This basically proves that every weak-hearted person should spend at least one week in the TIP hostels. If not to build yourself up, then to learn things, perhaps about yourself, that you didn’t know. For example, I got to learn that you can never tell what lurks on the cafeteria counter, it could be remains of spilt Miranda or a dead ant’s funeral or worse still, the cafeteria waala sprawled over it; and I also learned that the best sleep comes on the library couch (I’d suggest holding a large hard-covered book, just in case). Hmm…and I guess you also learn how to rhyme. So that’s about it. When do you plan to move in?

A reminder though, smoking causes cancer but it seems that nobody here really cares. Your lungs are your own responsibility, beware.

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  1. smoking not only causes cancer, but also that every cigarette you smoke reduces 5 minutes from your life…….and some really dumb people say that ‘acha hai naa, jaldi mar jayen ge’…….waisay not a bad idea…..i want to die sooner too……

  2. insects had been an head ache for me too…i cant forget when i had killed a grasshpper while it was hopping in my pants….yuuhooo!

  3. Get insecticide from homes and you’ll conquer the palace.

    Ali, you’re a muderer and you’ll pay the price. It never happend with me, atleast. The grasshopper never hopped in my pants, why with you? There’s something wrong with you or perhaps the insect was attracted to you. You guys have a serious connection, i tell you!
    You let it hopp in, yourself.

    As for article, it reminded me of my first semester experience here at the hostel. Wasn’t a good one, though. [Or may be the hostel life, aint for people like me *sigh*] Nevertheless, its fun, for those who wants to [unlike me] !!
    Basic reason were some of the idiot seniors i had in my time, I don’t know about girls, but it happens in guys, the cheera thingie and all, its so disgusting and the people who do it, are true definition of dumb idiots! And top of all, they actually beleive they are the hot-shot in the town lol!! I pity them.

    Q: How the rest of the people bear these retards? :/

  4. jeeezz!!talk abt cheera n stuff..look whos talkin…as far as i recall its been u whos been involved in cheeras with the 1st yrs.atleast!!n dude sorry 2 say dat isnt it a bit late 4 dat kind of complaint!!;)..well coming 2 the article..mmmm…cant say much on it doubt most of it is true..and id say its 1 way 2 self discovery..way to go tip hostels!!

  5. huh?, dude you need a serious eye-checkup, i tell you! When did you see me doing that cheera thingie? tell me pleazee, I so wannah know, oh Lord pleeeeezzhh !! ..

    p.s. talk when you know something, instead of yelling around not knowing the exact fact, else DUNT!!

  6. How come i don’t see my posts as yet? :/ I did couple, a day back and can’t see a single one .. urrmmm .. Abido, you’re lagging !!

    Anyway before i forget Hira! you write well, really well!! .. keep the work up, girl!

  7. 3 in a row, hurray!! :D:D .. Woo! I’m making a healthy sensible contribution to this forum, 3 cheers for me, myownself, yes me!! ..
    heep heep *hurray* *hurrayyyy* *hurraYYyyy*!!
    Celebrations, all the wayyyyyy !!

    Conclusion of this post:
    Signs of insanity, usually before hourlies when you have no material to study, helpless and the people whom you relied [class-mates], kicked you from the back just because they don’t want you to get good grades.
    THEY SUCK!! Ah, loser they are!

  8. I hope the freshers this year are sensible enough to report every case of cheera anything similarly disgusting that happens to them, to the concerned authorities.

    Don’t be scared of the seniors harming u if u report them because they are preverted wusses. In university u don’t have to be scared about lodging a complaint against any offender because the consequences are dire. They’ll just threaten you, don’t worry about that.

    Just remember that the cheera could ruin your sexual life forever. It used to be an ancient Egyptian form of torture where two people grab the victim’s legs and pull them apart so hard u actually hear a ripping sound, something like ‘chrrrrr’. Here at tip, the biologically ignorant jahil people even take liberty of punching u where your genitals are which can be very harmful for your future. If they do it to u, report it instantly to the authorities, and don’t be scared. Everyone is scared of being suspended and they can’t afford to hurt you again, get it??

    The consiquences of cheera can be fatal. U might not feel it now, but it can cause serious problems in later age. Sometimes the results of a cheera can be equal to those of getting castrated. If u don’t know what it means, check the dicitionary, because it’s highly improbable that you will ever be able to improve your English at TIP.

    ok, cya now:)


  9. Dear “Freshmen”

    Good advice you have here.

    You haven’t given your real email address, otherwise I would contact you about writing for Quack! How about it? You can continue to remain anonymous if you wish.

  10. wow what a life hostel life no body from day scholars can give their impression for the beauty of that….Let me describe what happened to me as i was ragged comprehensively saved from the seniors like a wounded lion and made seniors wounded on the very same semester carnival…i didnot pay single penny for the day first and supposed seniors to pay bill of almost 500 of me my friends…names are known to hostel residents.

  11. Something good that happened to u out of the blues, doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what happens to everyone.

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