Hostel Annual Dinner

Friday, May 12, 2006

It’s been a tradition to host an annual dinner in the honor of graduating class by hostel residents. It is not only an occasion of reunion but also a mark of respect to our seniors. Their love and support for us will keep them alive in our hearts forever.

It was probably 8:00 pm. To our honor Dr.Zubair Bandukda and Ms Summaiya Durrani were the chief guests at the occasion. At the meeting TISF was the hot topic as ashes of elections were still taking its last breath.

In their conversation they stressed the need of such events as it enlarges person’s social outlook. He also asked students to make TISF truly a representing body as its sole purpose. Miss Sumya Durrani raised a point that students should create a learning environment at campus and hostel as well. Furthermore, besides nurturing their bodies with food they also need to stimulate their intellect with reading and discussing it with others as a food for thought.

After a lavish dinner the guests departed us with thanks. However it’s not the whole story. That was one part and in second round we had much to come. What follows next, was endless joy.

Yes, we had the great and much-awaited moment to rag our beloved seniors to celebrate the golden night. Almost everyone had something to do and asked whatever in their minds. The infamous stage-cum-prison chair was set for them and they were requested to come voluntarily. We asked them to share their four year experiences and ups and downs they came across. We simply taunt them, asked them to dance, cat walk and much more…

All in all it was a night full of memories and joy. Its 3:50 am and we are completely tired of talking and laughing. We left the place in full spirits. We wish our beloved seniors a happy and flourishing life ahead.

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  1. this time ,the annual dinner was much different from the previous ones as i got chance to attend the both dinners.the great thing was the gathereing of all the hostel residents at one plateform.sharing experiences from the seniors was entertaining as well as informative.the ragging scene was too good to see.we took all the revenges from them as this was best chance for was great event to attend

  2. yar kami beta there is a common sense,
    find out the difference between cheif guest n invited ones. thanks

  3. ROOM NO # 104

    “How can I forget you? You will always remain in my heart and soul”.

    I am a very bad writer but love of my room urged me to write something for it.

    It was month of Sep, 2003, when I entered in this room. Please note that it was “BOYS” hostel ……

    With the passage of time, I began to love with my room; it became one of my best friends.
    I ways kept its keys around my neck, whenever I gone to my home for vacations, my mom always asked (is doori ko utar kuyioon nahi dete), but I never did it until I graduated from TIP. I used to sit on windows’ side block and enjoy cool breeze. It was something, I will never forget in my life.

    It gave me support when no body was willing to give. It saw me laughing & weeping,
    It gave me new hope and passion to live.

    It is collections of bricks for people but I will remember it as one of my best friend

    Its key will always remind me of that era which is unforgettable for me throughout my remaining life. Ohh I forgot one thing, when (TMM Dhamaka party) under leadership of FAISAL used to stay in it. It always looked upon me complaining, but there was nothing that I could do. I will never forget your favor; you gave me ,by giving me new hope to live.

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