…those were the Chocolate days…


Haayeeeeee, humara campus kitna khoobsurat hai!!!

Those moments which welcomed the class of 2011 were worth to be marked in history, for we were and still are the most harahoorish of all!! 😛 welcomed with the designer’s hype in TIP, and the design department treat, we had no idea that the best time was yet to come…

I remember the very first day me, zahab and sara promising each other that we will wear covered shoes coz we didn’t wanted our feet to go ugly in just a few weeks 😛 and we used to call komal by the name of Gul Paara….I wonder why, I guess shazzy was behind this scene 😛 and then all of a sudden Taha and his annoying-ness used to wash away all our choti choti khushyain for ours was a small wonder world, I still remember that Yo- hip guy called Hashim, always on the nerve of shazzy and many others….:P as time flew with fights, laughter, cries, tears and joy, every day was filled with a memory to be cherished for years to come.

We weren’t sisters nor brothers, but every moment spent in TIP brought us even closer than ever before, for we used to share the craziest, the nastiest, the chaporiest, the joyest tareen baatein.

I miss you meray crazy log…..Danish, baray ayain tum with all your DanishMaan baatein, and your Sir sunay tou 😛 Nuss, miss touch-me-not was always our hugging and love attack victim, and you name always being such an interesting thing for all the new teachers in town 🙂 Siddddd, ufff you and your happy singhpana, and all the stupid things I have done with you, I had never ever imagined in my life before, you were my hope and my courage, our fanatical rickshaw rides, your wild birthday celebrations, I think I will write another article on your sid 😛 warna log pagal hujain gain 😛 Shazzzzyyyy, your hugs and laughs always made me feel ALIVE, with your chup hujao and bas ek chocolate doun ge and ziyada free mat hu 😛 Zahabiiiiiii, you stupid doll,  my CAD ki naalaaik student, my social advisor, my hope for a better life, my glowing sugar cup 😛 we shared times of  highs and lows but still loved each other 🙂  Anhar……..my haseen friend, you were always my inspiration for everything….kaaam mein tou ap hai hein Number One but kuch dil kay maamlay mein bhe mujh jaisi hu 😛 Koloooooooooo, how can I ever forget you for you surely educated us in all regards 😀 thanks to you, we are now well educated with awareness of things we never knew of 😛 and will always miss your yummy delicious khanay 🙂 Beeeeerruuuu, though you were always on our nerves in terms of work but I still love you, your crying sessions always echo in my ears, especially sir sohail wala 😛 oh will always miss your ajeebpan in everything  and mujhay Maaf kardu dialogues 😛 Fizolaaaaaaaaaaaa, my hugging partner, my tubelight……………tum aur tumharay Anger-ness se tou humain ishq hai 😛 “mein kya pagal ke bachi houn aur hum hain rahi pyar kay chalna apna kaam” 😀 Khadijaaa…….my Djuice, my low signal network, your attitude towards everything made me feel that life is not hard at all and that we are born to achieve baaray baaray dreams 🙂 Musaib Maaco Jee, aap aur aap ke tanhai was always such a mystery, you turned out to be such a chupa rustam, I still remember you just couldn’t utter anything in front of the class in the first year but time ney tumhay cheetah bana diya 🙂 Rashida………sheeda jee, aap aur aap kay tantrums per hum qurban hain, our chotu babe with an attitude of Queen Victoria 😛 at times you left fizza behind in all regards 😛 and yes how can I forget our gaagaa googee talks hahhahaha, such adorable memories 😛 Kazimmmm………your chill-pana was such an alluring factor and your bharmal of some really decent jokes was all that added to the spice in our lives 😛 my fair and handsome, will miss you and your lambhay lambhay weaving samples, I wonder what you did with them now 😛 Muzna……..our sporty dude, full party on dost, you and your speed was my love for you at first sight 😛 our PT sessions with you and your ever booming enthusiasm towards life was always an element of love in our days in TIP 🙂

There are some specials in our plate of TIP love……..will always miss you guys, Taha Farooqui, Muneeb Ur Rehman, Mohammad Talha Farooqui and our pyaray Sir Hassan uz Zafar…….thank you all for making this journey so beautiful 🙂


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  1. while reading it…i was wondering tht the names i kept of few ppl lasted for all the time to come..

  2. awwwwwwwwwww you made me misss you people even more and the crazy ride ..love yu merayyyyyyyyyyy jungli doston and TIP you are special to0 for granting me such people and hats off to you for bearing with us 😛

  3. LIfe was never that beautiful .. TIP .. TDT and u awll made it worth living and gave the memories which will be cherished forevr .. love u awllllllll !!:)

  4. you guys have really changed my life. i will never forget these 4 years till my eternity. i love u all

  5. lovely! wish you all the best of the best in future and loads and loads of duas for you all!!! loads of love for you all… 🙂

  6. muawhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh all ,m seriously crying 🙁 luv u all loadssssss more than ever I can ever express

  7. awwwwh just came across it Aaaman .. love it to bits
    feeling so nostalgic ..
    huggs to you all <3

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