We, with the co-operation of TISF are organizing an event named “TIP MUSHAIRA” after EID. In order to make the event successful, we need the active participation from all the students. Any student who does poetry or is interested in poetry and wants to participate in the event can contact:

Saqib, TS4A

Rameez Ahmed Khan, TS2B

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  1. It is a great idea to provoke poets to present their poetries.i think you have found a good way to promote urdu adab..sorry i could not pass the compliment in Urdu.

  2. I think we should also have a cultural night of some kind, invite some good semi-classical singers and stuff, get closer to our own subcontinental culture. It’s pretty rich, you know. It’s time we start taking pride in it.

  3. That and some improvisational comedy like Black Fish would be nice, sans the Grammerian jokes! 😛

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