Blood donation campaign

On the basis of the response that the Rotoract TIP’s blood camp generated, Hussaini Blood Bank had earlier forwarded a request to form a blood camp collaboration. A group of ailing children, who happen to be under the direct responsibility of Hussaini Blood Bank require a massive supply of blood.

The Rotaract group of TIP has thus decided to launch another blood donation campaign, that will be a week long struggle starting Friday the 29th and lasting till Friday next to be able to collect as much blood as possibly can be collected.

The campaign will function during the course of the week for the convenience of everyone. The blood donation point is a place known as Mehreen Point (directly above Dunkin donuts, Clifton). We hope that you all will participate in this noble cause, make our blood camp a success and more importantly help save the lives of innocent young children.

Thanking you,

Sidrah Nadeem
Vice-President, Rotaract TIP