Dr. Bandukda returns to TIP

It was very heartening to read all the comments of protest and condemnation following the disturbing events at the campus last week. As some of you may know by now but the Board of Governors of TIP invited me to re-join as President and I am pleased to inform you that as of last Friday, I have taken charge.

TIP is a very unique institution and this can only be understood by students and faculty who over a period of time have grown to know it and love it as their second home. Although TIP can boast about the beautiful campus facilities, it is the spirit of โ€˜communityโ€™ which gives it the strength to weather all storms.

I have come back to TIP at a very critical juncture as it struggles to maintain its identity under severe financial constraints. However it is my belief that together we can all revive our institution back to its glory but for this I need your help and support. Through this blog, I appeal to all former and present students of TIP to come forward and give their suggestions as to how we can secure a sustainable future for TIP. You can email me on zbandukda@yahoo.com and it would be a pleasure to meet group of alumni to discuss this urgent matter at any convenient time and place.

Finally, as for the untimely termination of number of staff members few days before my joining, on my request the Chairman NTF has agreed to convene a TIP Board meeting soon after Eid holidays to be chaired by our Chancellor to review this matter.

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  1. Finally some good news…A few faculty members will have a problem with that but its great over all…

    Welcome back sir

  2. Great to know that U r back sir…We hope to see T.I.P at its best again..inshaALLAH.

    Lots of best wishes n prayers for U n T.I.P…!!
    Saima Ashraf. (batch 2007)

  3. Dear Sir,

    Welcome back. If any way you need help of this student of yours; I am available. I am currently located at Lahore, Sapphire Textile Mills. Contact # 0303-4441908

    I would like to convey similar messages from my batch mates in Lahore, Usman Khan and Usman Ghanie.

    Kind regards
    Kashif Abbasi

  4. Life is a roller coaster, ups and downs are not an out of the blue part of it. We believe that work with positive intentions would take TIP on the way of success INSHA-ALLAH.
    Would feel pleasure to contribute even a single important second of my life for my TIP (my second home)
    Wish you all the best . .

    Waqas bin Azhar (2006-2010)

  5. Great News…..

    It is pleased to hear that your are back.
    Now TIP will move forward INSHALLAH.


    Rizwan Fareed

  6. Wow…….this is a splendid news for our beloved TIP ๐Ÿ™‚
    Welcome back sir, its such a relief to have you back ๐Ÿ™‚ I am 101% sure that TIP will now come out of its mourning ends and start over a new beginning ๐Ÿ˜€ the one we all have been anticipating about…….We welcome you with endless hopes and dreams ๐Ÿ™‚

    Amna Khan
    Batch 2011

  7. Welcome back sir. Hoping the best for TIP in coming years, since we are known through TIP. I would love to be of assistance to my dear TIP in anyway I can be, please feel free to contact me if any help is required.

    Best Regards,
    Ibad ul Islam
    Batch of 2010

  8. Welcome back Sir,

    It’s such a good news to hear that you are back in TIP, at least now when I’ll go to the Mezzanine floor in the Sackville Street Building, I wont feel bad looking at the shuttle named Textile Institute of Pakistan on Chris Carrโ€™s desk.

    Suggestion: Sir please make sure that we get the level of correspondence back with the University of Manchester that we use to have in old times (which I feel have been effected quite badly).

    Best of luck with all your plans and hope to see TIP in better shape.

    Best Regards.
    Shoaib Wahab.

  9. Hello sir,

    Its good to hear that you have made a comeback.
    If you need me anytime I am available.


    Hassan Ali Baig.

  10. whatttttttttttt…………….
    wellcome to the drowning ship…..:)

    be aware of icebergs !!!!!!!!!!!

    batch 2011

  11. Dear Dr Zubair,

    Nice to have you there .. much needed time.
    It has to be a joint effort to put TIP back at the top place

    rgds / Imran

  12. Dear Dr. Zubair,

    Last week has been very disturbing indeed and you coming back to the RESCUE was also something new for some fresh students like me. We hope you will Insha’Allah save this drowning home of yours (and ours too) because watching all this happening do make a small part deep inside us doubt on our decision joining TIP.

    Still aboard and ready to SERVE… Lead the way CAPTIAN!


  13. Dear Sir:

    Nice to know that you are back!

    I was not expecting that you may come back to Pakistan again. But surely you have given sacrifice for T.I.P. Jazakallah.

    I hope you will try you level best for the job of those poor but loyal staff members of TIP.

    In fact I was un-touched with TIP from quite a long time, so I had no fair idea about the scenario over there. It seems that TIP is in very critical phase.

    As you have re-joined so I hope that alumni will share some positive suggestions for improvement.

    Thanks & regards
    Muhammad Imran Arain

  14. Dear Sir

    Welcome Back , TIP is a wonderful place , please check out the faculty as its not that good as it was some years back and there must be some culprits in admin too. TIP always Needs you because i Feel that you certainly believe it to be your second home.

    I am Always available for any kind of help for this great institute.

    Kind Regards
    Manager Quality
    Salfi Tex

  15. Thank you very much for your kind words and I am very encouraged by the support committed by all of you on here and many others who have emailed me separately as well.

    TIP campus will re-open from Monday after Eid holidays and once there, I will be in a better position to evaluate and identify the most critical areas which need immediate attention. However, from the briefings so far it has emerged that the most urgent matter is the drop in new student intake and a significant budget deficit. Both these areas need to be tackled seriously and without any delay if we are to get TIP back on its track.

    I would like to meet as many alumni as possible but am also aware of the busy schedules you all have, so if we were to arrange a few slots on Saturday and Sunday next weekend at the city campus (which is in SMCHS), would you be able to make it to one of them, please let me know what timings are convenient so that we can arrange accordingly.

    With very best wishes,

    Zubair Bandukda

  16. Welcome Back Sir…….. We hope to see T.I.P at its best again
    Best wishes & prayers for U
    Syed Bilal Ahmed (Batch 2010)

  17. dear sir,
    welcome back
    it was lovely to see you among us. it brought us all the old memories when we were welcomed at TIP, those were the times when this institution was blossoming….and it will blossom again under your command…INSHA ALLAH!!!

    all the best sir
    regards Taha Farooqui

  18. it was extremely pleasant to know that Mr. Bandukda is back to T.I.P. We have only heard of good things happening in Mr .Presidents previous tenure. We hope that good days of T.I.P will come back and the revival of this institute catering million dollar industry would be possible. Good luck sir!

  19. Welcome back Sir,
    well-wishers of TIP will be happy now from the board on pulling you back as a president as from now I am sure TIP will rise again.

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