Dr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman to be Acting Dean, Dr. Shoib Arif resigns

March 7, 2005. This week Dr. Shoib Arif resigned from his position as Acting Dean. He says that his Deanship was becoming too stressful and affecting his personal and family life. It was also affecting his true passion of academia. He plans to engage in textile chemistry related research activities.

His research would meet the HEC recommendation for universities to increase research-based publications.

Dr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman has been duly appointed by the management as the replacement Acting Dean.

Quack! Online has also learned that there is a possibility that the management was not happy with Dr. Shoib Arif’s deanship, and thus had been planning to appoint a new dean.

Dr. Zubair Bandukada remains the Dean, though he is on long leave to pursue research activities at the William Lee Innovation Centre, University of Manchester.

Update: Dear Person with “Inside” Information, the Quack! Team is already aware of all that you know, but we prefer not to put those details online because it defaces an individual. Please think about that before commenting.

7 Replies to “Dr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman to be Acting Dean, Dr. Shoib Arif resigns”

  1. Its a good step in a way that Dr. Shoib will be more concentrating on what he has to. He was really very stressed by the work load as well as by Mr. Shakel. The way his attitude was changed towards the student body and other people will be back after a long time, as he was used to when he was not at this position. I think this is the good step….

  2. There are rumers in the students that Dr. Shoaib had some differences with the President about buying something. It is very sarprizing that everybody in TIP is chup now a days. there was a board meeting a few days ago, may be “there is something cooking inside” we, the students don’t know who is cooking it and what is being cooked.

  3. Dear TIPians, Is it right that some of the final year students were heard saying that Rakhshanda Shah was a candidate of Deanship, thats why Dr. Shoaib was removed but the Board rejected the idea. What a joke , HaHaHa!

    Abey Bhai Dr. Hafeez Jesey Kabil aur Hardil Aziz senior teacher k hotey Huey aik junior teacher Dean Kesey ban Sakta hey?? Wesey Yaar aapas ki baat hey Pehley bhi to aisey hi hua tha? Han Rey……..Wah Rey. Wesey ham ney to kuch aur hi suna hey…. Chi Chi Chi Chi (Please read it as urdu word) Bhaiyo socho yeh Buddey Buddhey Thrki Babey TIP ko kis taraf Ley Ja Rahey hein ham to admission Ley kar pichta Rahey hein.

  4. rumors are rumors and so dont have any solid proofs to satisfy.
    As a Texpert. I have complete respect for mr Shoaib Arif..all is being done to malign his repo

  5. Again, I have read the whole issue and the comments to it. My comment is:

    Comm on Kashif J, A. I have always known your intuition to be sound, why have u stopped trusting it>>

  6. You made a spelling mistake right at the critical stage of the sentence. Pease correct and resend yr comment so that i can understand and reply.

    kashif abbasi

  7. Well, for your convenience it is a typo, not “comm on” rather “come on”. Dont need a reply though, am just surprized. You sound different than what I had known you as. Nevertheless, people change all the time.


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