Earth Day 2006

World Earth Day 2006

The World Earth Day 2006 is being celebrated today on 22 April. TIP students are contributing to the goals of the World Earth Day with their Tree Plantation Campaign.

On Earth Day and every day, help your country help stop climate change.

Global warming, or climate change, can seem like an amorphous subject, but it can have real-life consequences for all of us. And there are simple activities we can all do in our homes and in our communities to lessen our impact on the environment around us.

Greenhouse gases, especially carbon monoxide (CO2), are released by automobiles and energy plants that use fossil fuels, among other things. When we drive our cars, or use household appliances, we are burning fossil fuels that contribute to gases that bring about climate change.

Don’t think climate change is real or affects the average person? Much of the world has already warmed, by as much as 4°F. Warmer ocean temperatures, hurricanes (among other natural disasters) are expected to increase in severity.

One activity that helps includes planting a shade tree near one’s house, or at your university! This helps to save electricity that would otherwise be used towards cooling the house in the summertime. It is estimated that a good shade tree can help one save up to 40% on cooling bills. It also lessens the amount of CO2 released by using extra energy.

Switching standard light bulbs to energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs) also helps save energy and cut costs. Just by changing one light bulb to a CFL bulb in every house in America, it would be the equivalent of taking the pollution one million cars off the road. Changing light bulbs to energy-efficient CFL bulbs adds up to saved energy and saved money.

Carpooling – or ridesharing, is another way to help cut CO2 emissions, as well as save money in the face of steep gas prices. Fewer cars on the road during “rush hour” also means less fuel being burned – great for the environment and the budget. A person can save a lot each year in saved fuel costs and parking fees, as well as saved hours.

These are ways all of us can help lessen our impact on the environment, and do our individual and community parts to help stop climate change!