Free Medical Camp

Rotaract Club of TIP conducted a free medical camp at Manghophir Karachi along with the collaboration of Child Health Foundation (CHF). Rotaract has always provided us with plenty of opportunities to serve humanity and meet new people belonging to different professions. Image243Serving humanity as a community service is something which always gives us that energy to do more and more. Same passion and energy took us to a free medical camp at a Madersah in Mangophir area of Karachi. Three Rotaractors from Rotaract Club of Textile Institute of Pakistan (Ahmed A Rehman, Rameez Ahmed Khan and Ibad-ul-Islam) were present to coordinate the medical camp along with CHF doctors.

We were told to gather at the Eesa Nagari clinic of CHF at 9:00 am sharp on 18th October 09. As it was my first experience of this kind, I was excited and I reached a good 20 minutes earlier and found no one to welcome me except a guy named Arshad who was a social worker and owns his own school. Later, medical students from Agha Khan and other volunteers start Image238coming followed by my two other club partners. At the very beggining we were introduced to Dr Rauf, who explained to us in brief about the graduate medical school entry requirements in Australia as a few of us wanted to get our PhD from the reputed universities there. Dr. Rauf looks after all these medical camps and appeared aged but very professional and active. Dr. Rauf asked everybody to prepare for the departure and we left at 9:30 am. Since it was a Sunday, roads were clear and city presented a deserted look as people prefer to stay at their home on Sunday morning. Crossing Nazimabad, Liaquatabad and Hyderi we finally reached Mongophir where we entered into a separate path leading to a colony comprising of poor people.

We entered into a Madersah which was quite well maintained and big. We were showed our way onto the sight of our medical camp where we quickly started our preparations. We divided our camps into 3 rooms for children, women and skin problems. All the medicines were placed at a separate place behind the rooms. Separate tents were also raised for waiting and registration of patients. A table was given to us and we were told to write the names of children and male patients. Apart from that, our duty also was to give coupons to patients which identify that which room should they approach. Like yellow color was for adult males, orange for skinImage231 problems and pink for normal children problems. Tables, chairs and medicines were arranged in all the rooms as volunteer doctors and medical students took their seats for the final operation. As soon as we were given the green signal, we started registering people and send them to theImage222 concerned rooms. It was ironic to say that the major problems were skin disease, stomach problem, hearing problem and pain in legs. A lot of people were complaining about headache as well. We registered around 70 male patients and 95 children with the problems mentioned above.

At around 2:15pm, we started packing up and at 2:45pm we were showed our way for the lunch. We were welcomed by the cleric of the Madersah who took us into a separate room where we were served lunch. A set of books were also gifted to each of us by the management of madersah. Our cars were ready and we quickly went into them as we were tired and wanted a good amount of rest. We all returned to our old destination at Essa Nagri at around 4:00 pm. The joy and happiness collected during the whole day was something which just can’t be defined. Though we get too much tired but then it was that passion to serve humanity which kept us energetic till we reached our homes. It was a great experience which hasImage240 added a little bit of knowledge to us as well as we now know some of the diseases which are commonly found in areas having un-hygienic conditions. Skin and stomach problems were common which clearly shows that area lacks clean water supply and sewerage system. People are suffering from fever as well due to these filthy conditions which are affecting their work and living environment. We need not just to set free medical camps but apart from that we should help government in improving the living conditions of these people. May Allah give us the energy and courage to do more and more for His people. Ameen!

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