GIA pros visit TIP

 Another session of TIP Talk was held in the past week which was much more humor oriented for the students rather than informative. A group of people representing the firm GIA, roamed around the auditorium and spoke on various topics in which their firm holds excellence. Not much of us knew about them and the contribution they did for our Apparel and Fashion Department when it was being set up.

Saima Nazir, a textile engineer, represented GIA Exports Marketing Services. She gave a formal introduction about herself and the firm, followed by the major products they deal in with their international dealers and customers. She described that their major market resides around the English Channel, further adding that their firm not only exports garments but other products as well which include home textiles and medical textiles.

Joseph D’souza, quality control manager at GIA took over from Ms. Samia and explained the quality control process and affiliated problems which their firm faces everyday. In a very interactive way, he held the students up and shared some hard to figure out problems in fabric construction and garment production that was valuable practical information for the students. Umer Ashraf of AMM displayed his talent of critical observance after listening and taking keen interest to what was being spoken by the speaker.

Concluding up the session, Ateeqa Malik, manager and owner, admired the wonderful campus and the facilities for the students that the university offers. She also described the type of skills and versatility in knowledge that the graduating students should comprise of in-order to have a good job or to apply in any textile firm. In addition, she admired and praised the remarkable punctual work of Usama bin Ahmad of FDM and Alveena Zubair of TDT for their firm that they did on their internship and became the showcase at the Japan Fashion Week.

At last before the students dispersed, Dr. Zubair Bandukda handed over a token of appreciation, TIP’s plaque, to Mrs. Ateeqa Malik for taking out valuable time for the university and the students.