HEC proclaims TIP a “B” category institute

By Raghib Ali Khan

In 2002 the Higher Education Commission (HEC) came into being by a federal constitutional order to replace the University Grants Commission (UGC). The purpose of the HEC is to control and monitor the educational activities in universities in the public and private sectors. Since then, Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman, chairman of the HEC with a wide experience of teaching and also managing educational activities, proved his abilities and sincerity by the performance of the HEC and the improvement in the educational sector in Pakistan. Dr. Rahman has the status of a federal minister and heads this commission with the executive directors which are equivalent to the state secretaries.

However, the purpose of this introduction is not to praise the HEC or Dr. Rahman, but to bring light to a serious issue.

The HEC states some basic requirements for any university or other the degree-awarding institute (can be download from www.hec.edu.pk). Two years ago, the HEC pointed out that about 40% of universities in Pakistan are not meeting the basic requirements and gave them a five year period to fulfill them. Now on November 13th 2004, after about two years since the initial announcement, the HEC again advertised the names of the universities in all major papers of the country in which they categorized all universities in four major categories, category A to category D with category A universities fulfilling all basic requirements and category D with universities in extremely poor condition that do not fulfill any requirements. The degree awarding status of category B, C and D institutes and universities is deemed to be cancelled in 2007. The HEC will also advertise again in January and warn the parents and students not to take admission in such institutes.

The Textile Institute of Pakistan (TIP) falls in category B which is for the universities or degree-awarding institutes which do not meet HEC requirements.

In an interview on Geo TV, Dr. Rahman on November 21th in outlined some of these basic requirements:

# basic infrastructure
# teaching level
# Ph.D faculty
# And some others.

My point is not to bring in your knowledge that TIP is a B category institute and is lacking in all three basics. Our infrastructure is not enough that fulfill our requirements, out Wet Processing Lab have converted into classrooms, our gym has converted into an Apparel Studio and future plans are up in the air. Many Ph.D teachers, including Dr. Jabbar, Dr. Zubair Bandukda and Dr. Khalid Pasha, and other good teachers such as Adil Moosajee and Aslam Khan have left. Their replacement teachers are all undergraduates (Bachelor-pass). The end result is that our teaching and studies suffered and students are unhappy with the current state of affairs.

We should consider this all and bring into debate as it is not only necessary for TIP but also for our good future.

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  1. Dear Friends,
    Its good to know that the students are aware and concerned about the well being of their institute.
    As far as the rating of the HEC is concerned, there is nothing that TIP should have serious trouble with. All capital requirements are in place. All requirements that TIP does not fulfill are the kind that can be put into place with relative ease – no need to panic.
    I wish well to all the students of TIP.

  2. Respected Sir,

    with due respect to yr statment *BUT* I guess there is a sign of worry for the students ahead..we have the basic infrastructure,no doubt, alott better than other institutes but when it comes to quality teaching and PHD’s , yeah I agree with abid that we lag behind *AT THE MOMENT*!!

    as far as teaching quality is concerened..it is a fact that in a couple of yrs we have lost some gud teachers and now this euphoria that has gripped the admin *of hiring TIP graduates as teachers and that too 1 yr or 2 yr experienced* is not a great sign! Being a Textile Engineer, you yr self would agree that a year or two in this industry doesnt teach a great deal! I have rated you as the best teacher i have studied under, probably cuz of the methodolgy that was adopted for you while you were a student in US and also cuz of yr continuous link with this field from childhood..the blend resulted in you being a teacher who could communicate well and satisfy us all with our querries..when i joined TIP, Fazal Mehmood wasn’t there, then left Dr. Shafiq Ahmed Arain, phir Zubair Bandukda or Fariq Mukhtar bhi chalay gaye..baad main gaye aap and now i have heard Dr Abdul Jabbar have left too..THIS AINT A HEALTHY SIGN. The problem is that TIP is an institute focussing on textiles and almost all the names mentioned above were related to this field!!

    If we have a an English teacher or a Maths teacher or an Islamiat teacher with a 30 years exp behind, it isnt a thing to fee contended with, cuz these subjects doesnt help us in future!!! Jis ki zaroorat hai uss ki teachers nahi..or jo hain ….

    khair, dont you think, ki if we’ll say that koi masla nahi .. sab sahi ho jayega..THIS is actually acting like an ostritch on seeing a trouble?

    if we know there will going to be a storm in the next few days..its better we take a preventive measure to fight rather than thinking that the weather report is tampered or false!

    Sab sahi ho jayega..if Sir Adil Moosaji once again decide that he should come back..for the sake of the future of hundreds studying in TIP at the moment!

    TIP doesnt look like “TIP” without “Bandukdas” and “Moosajis” (I hope you remember theses words when i said it to you once)

    and they arent around, we see disturbed students writing such articles and a comment like mine



    basic infrastructure
    # teaching level
    # Ph.D faculty

  3. my below article in no way should be taken against the current faculty at TIP..but shud as a suggestion for improvment!…

    after all there is always room for improvement for every one!

  4. I totally agree with Mr. KJA on this , which i rarely do. Let me just add to your knowledge that not only Mr. Jabbar but now there are some rumours that Mr. Umair Saeed is also leaving, which infact is not a very good thing to hear. During my tenure in TIP i was taught by the best with exception of one or two teachers πŸ™‚ but every thing i learned then really helped me alot over here.

    One can never see the difference until they go to another institute and observe their ways of teaching
    Institute like IBA, Lums all have change their style as time changed, which i think our institute should do as well.

    Hiring students that have only one or two years experience will only mean that we’re putting a great
    deal of risk in our quality of education. Even hiring students, which had high GPA doesn’t mean that there’re excellent communicators, which is very important when it comes to teaching.

    The problem that we face on hiring students with less than 5 years experience is that they won’t able to teach the practical side of the subject, which is far more important than theorical.

  5. yeah .. even i got shocked..when the comment started with “I totally agree with Mr. KJA” but no matter how much one denies..one has to bow down to the truth..

    magar ho sakta hai ..ki aap ki mizah shareef main lachak ..YTM or Alabid ki darmiyan ceasefire se bhi agayee ho…:-)

    best regards for the YTM team..although .. i share ur greifs that Alabid took away 85% of the bhuying plan !!!!

  6. Kashif!! We never go for little things such as you know who’s buying plan, we think and approach for bigger stuff. Now i can’t name each and every buyer we got in the last two or three years but as you know that MashAllah say yunus is progress at rapid speed.

    As for the bowing down to the truth, that’s the only thing after Allah that we we bow down too unlike AA..:)

    One thing i wanna mention over here, which is completely off the topic, the fashion show and seminar planned on 17th Jan is some thing really great, however the date is not at all suitable for this kind of event as all of our managers will at heim tex, Germany. I suggest that occasion should be postponed by 1 week. KJA, i now you’ll agree with me on this.

  7. even if you bow to the truth!!!! you r committing an infidality..thou should bow to the creater and no one else! Thats it!

    as far as fashion show and seminar..What I know is..yr referred occassion is Apparell oriented..how ever when shakel sb called me ..he seemed a bit interested in calling people from Home Textiles too..but again..Apparell and home textiles are two different categories..

    Home Textile BIG WIGS wont be attending i guess..Not cuz of Hemtex..as it will already be over till 17th..but cuz of, obviously, the excitement which the visitors of hemtex bring with them and all the stemina that gets exhausted after sitting for three days at the stalls and marketing strenously..attending a fashion show would become a second priority to them

    but i expect a gud turn over from the apparell sector..

    ne ways..gud date or a bad date..achee date wahi hai ..jis main aap jo chahain woh ho jaye πŸ˜›

    best of luck for the mega event!

  8. oh..i forgot to add one thing..sab cheezen ahista ahista shru hoti hain..we started with the little thing….the buying plan…so just see wat the future beholds for AA..

    by the way the epb ratings still showin AA two steps ahead of YTM..I’ll mail you the latest business report!

  9. Earlier, till 80s it was India Vs Pakistan.

    From 80s Till the early 90s it used to be Experienced Old Vs the Educated Young.

    Late 90s and the early 2000 it became National Textile College grads Vs Texperts.

    End of 2004 its YTM Vs AA!?

    Any predictions for 2010?

  10. Gul-Ahmed is observing this conversation………by the way YTM is better choice instead to be in AA. atleast M. Ali Taba give respect to their employess,,,,,,,,all knows about Naseem Satar,,, (No coments) bohat budmaash hay bhayee

  11. abay o rana..tere comments parh ker tabba seth tujhay double pay per YTM main nahi bulaye ga… Uthana band ker! πŸ˜›

    wese kahan hai ..kesa hai..scene se out hai darling??? kiyon?

  12. AA has been established for like 30 years and YTM got into value added products in 99. So if you look at the progress from then till now you’ll observe the difference.

  13. its not about 30 years neither it is about initiating from 99. If you have the resources to perform..you can ..even with 2 yrs of existance..

    the strategy that Yunus adopted was..to go with all the resources in the international market at once..there fore ..the sign of immaturity is shown in some areas on a duscussion table..

    Alabid’s Success is cuz of its slow and steady approach to in entering export marketing.. so there are lots of times..when on the discussion table, Alabid takes away alot of buying plans due to sheer exp in the field..say of 30 yrssss!

  14. Kashif YTM puts all its effort in getting the best out of any order. As far as the buying plan is concerned we all know how EXPERIENCED was used in getting this buying plan!!!

  15. abay ooper jo phadda ho raha hai ..aj kal main woh read ker raha hoon..apnu apni aa or ytm ki larayee baad main shru kerengay..

  16. Dear Sir
    in pakistan no university any program as according to meet the job requirement in the market just example i have Diploma Engineer civil earning & working in UAE .
    i want to study as other doveloping countries doing well as say distance learning for their student and chease job for their country man .
    a big job in these areas who would provide to us for example Quantity surveying Building Engineering Surveying safety & Health BSC Engineering or B.Tech civil as other country helping their student and working person and provide necessary traning and education as according to job market .
    But in pakistan Engineers are not agreed to equal B.Tech civil program what problems they have while in all over the world experiecne is a qualification considered .
    thanks you sir
    i may hole that honer able mr Rahaman and other person responciable solved that problem other wise thay are asnwarable to the nation and ALLAHA

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