Helping the Earthquake Victims

The successive round of earthquakes that has struck various areas in Pakistan, (Azad Kashmir, N.W.F.P and Punjab being most badly affected) has caused immense turmoil, loss, and deprivation. As I pen down this article, some 18,000 people have been reported dead, several are homeless, and of those that have survived an innumerable amount of people are homeless, hungry and severely injured.

It is at times like these that we as a community should come forward and help those that lay helpless. True, the aftermath of the earthquakes is unimaginable for most of us, but the little that each of us can do in the form of donations must be done as soon as possible to provide immediate relief to the affected people.

The Rotaract Club of T.I.P requests you to please bring packed food items, medicines, clothes, quilts etc with you to university tomorrow. Monetary donations too are welcome, although food items, milk, water, and medicines are preferable. Please do make sure that the donations you give away are properly packed and taped least they be damaged along the lengthy route. The donations will be properly sorted out at the end of the day, loaded onto the four buses that go past the P.A.F museum, and sent directly to the areas that most require them.

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  1. i am pleased to hear about re-construction or even (re)-starting construction of TIP’s mosque. I appreciate to thoughts behind as atleast they took their mind out of dance parties (without dance), boring and characterless functions, above all tasteless, expensive Biryani without BOOTI.

    May Allah help you all in finding path of excellence and truth. Wake up muslims before getting into deep sleep.

    Rana Sohaib

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