IOPWE announces its first scholarship for US students

This year IOPWE will be granting its first scholarship to a female student of Pakistani origin who is enrolled (or is in the process of enrolling) in an American University for pursuing an undergraduate degree in the Engineering or Computer Science Departments. The amount of scholarship will be up to $3000 to contribute towards the student’s tuition, books, admission fees or other academic expenses. The scholarship will be accorded to the student on the basis of merit and need.

For scholarship details, please visit Remember, the deadline for applying is Auguat 31, 2004.

Send all inquiries to with subject title: US Undergraduate Scholarship.

For membership details please visit

5 Replies to “IOPWE announces its first scholarship for US students”

  1. The tuition fees per semester at any US university is atleast $6000 (excluding books, living and other stuff), n u know what … I am talking about some really cheap universities.

  2. The article says that the ammount of $3000 will contribute towards the tution fees and other expenditures not pay them in full! The scholarship will only cover part of the educational expenses.

    Baqee to khud karna paray ga na. Sab baithay baithay to nahee mil jaata hai 😀

    It’s not too difficult to get a scholarship if you have a good academic record. Plus, I’m sure the university will also cooperate if the student is backed by an organization such as IOPWE.

  3. A few days back i posted a commnt on this article that this article by maryam is useless and i still hold this opinion. I was amazed that my comment was removed a few days after. I know there are a few people who hold the power to wipe out the whole site content (cuz they have the login password) but that doesnt mean that a clean comment like mine should be removed just cuz i criticised it openly. Aasim, maryam or abid or who ever he/she was..i think you should show some tolerance like you always had previously..and be open to criticism

  4. Dearest Kashif,

    Your comment was ridiculous and off-topic, as is this one. Considering that I’m on a sabbatical from TIP, I don’t read Quack as often as I once did. I promptly deleted your comment the moment I saw it, because it was also ill-informed. Talking about tolerance and criticism, there is a fine line between that and absurdity.

    And you may recall your own fervent phone calls from far away Punjab about the quality of comments and my relectuance to delete them.

  5. Dearest Abid
    I very well remember my fone calls to you from punjab. I called you up cuz some one was contiuously abusing me and USman Khan for know reason giving idiotic remarks which you very will very well accept can’t be accepted for public viewing. Recall my comments..i dont remember the exact words though..but it was just a comment that such artle is a useless one and one woman from TIP would be applying for a US inst after reading it. Simple..ab i dont wanna do any behas do what you feel better. No need to waste your time and reply fir this comment of mine.

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