It starts!

The new semester has started and it just so happened to be that I needed a couple of printouts on the second day of university. But of course, the printer in the computer lab was out of order!

The machine has been causing problems since the late period of the previous semester and numerous students were forced to submit blotched assignments due to failure of the recently purchased piece of equipment.

The fact that the printer is still not in working has not come as a surprise. After all that’s just how things function. It’ll take time for things to settle down. It’ll probably take a couple of weeks for them to call the servicemen to come and fix it. It’s all right we understand.

It’ll take some time for the lab and library to start opening after four. Besides, who in the right frame of mind needs to do reports or study anything during the first couple of weeks? We realize that it takes a while for things to settle down and people to get back to their routines. It’s ok we understand.

It’ll take some time for the labs to be conducted and it’ll take time for some classes to catch swing. It’ll take them time to fix the time table, we’ve already missed one class because the instuctor had a different schedule than the one posted on the notice boards.

But It’s all perfectly ok, we completely understand!

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  1. Is cafeteria spelled as cafetAria or cafetEria ..
    check your spell at the right column under campus..its spelled as cafetAria .

  2. You have noted a valid point. The word is spelt with an A as cafetaria in Dutch. Ours should be in English. We will have our designer look into the matter.

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