Keachar Feature II – Eenton Ke Saath Pakaorhay

While Prince Charming Nomzy Pomzy might have a fetish for fulfilling girly chores for his lovely, I seem to be developing a fetish for talking about people whose nicknames end with ‘zy’. Like Firzy Pirzy… any guesses on who this one is… hmm hmm?

Okay so there’s no point in me gossiping about his love life as he’s the editor of quack and he would chop my editorial into a million pieces on my explicitness. Besides… we all know that he’s happily married off to two and has a psycho lover after him as well. And neither does he have a nail polish fetish! So then what else to talk about – his breakfast routine?

I usually wake up to my moms breakfast call in the morning as I’m presented with a glass of tangy Tang and a distasteful jam sandwich which I have refused to eat from this day onwards. But it seems that our friend here has quite the break-FEAST! So yes I will be snooping into someone’s kitchen this time.

A glass of milk and some almonds have long been the simplest and most desirable desi means of sustenance throughout the day. The milk provides the strength to bear our mentors and the almonds the power to rote learn pages of non-stop trash. Frizy Prizy on the other hand takes a French start with a large bowl of greasy French fries. Okay… now I envy you; I’d kill to have that early in the morning too!

Now now all you health freaks out there… he’s not all that bad. As they say… ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, Frenchy Frizy also has an apple after that starchy and fatty treat. But that’s okay… as long as he’s getting the right nourishment. I guess it’s his conscience which tells him to eat something healthy out of sheer guilt! By the way, which doctor are you trying to keep away? Is there something else we should know about?

The French fries and the apple I believe are an appetizer in Frizy Prizys’ three course breakfeast meal. The main course consists of a chunky and cheesy club sandwich – as if all that fat from the fried potatoes wasn’t enough. And I thought I was a glutton – I already want to throw up!

And lastly dessert – a glass of meethi lassi!
Wait… I’ll be back from the toilet………………………………….

15 Replies to “Keachar Feature II – Eenton Ke Saath Pakaorhay”

  1. WHAT is IT that u have against TMM2!!!! AARGH!!!! And I DON’T have LASSI everyday!! what a liar an manipulator of facts!!!

  2. Husband of three wives! HA HA HA 😀

    How does it feel to be on the recieving end of the PAIN Firzy!?

  3. Reminds me our our lavish breakfasts with pineapple juice and fresh slices and all types of bread and pancakes and what not. Coupled with a view of the harbor. Memories!

  4. i miss the assortment of delicious breads and fresh pineapple juice and slices the most! Shud’ve taken pictures..but then cameras weren’t allowed 🙁

  5. love it…lol, cool stuff u write, arslan
    teach me to do that..sumtime, god knows wats wrong with me

  6. Are you kidding me the view of the harbour was really really awsome, plus the smell wasn’t as horrible as it is in the karachi harbour 😮

  7. I was talking about pics of the food, not the harbour. It wasn’t much of a view – ours is better. And are you kidding me? Their sea front on the Taj Samudra side smelt just as bad, if not worse.

  8. Yea all those trickshaw rides to and fro. Especially in the afternoon. But that’s just how the sea smells … I guess.

  9. plus the driver. And those 5 included Ali Hakeem. All that load in the back! Man it’s hard to believe how much juice these trickshaws have in them.

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