Keachar Feature: Pinky Pinky on my little pinkies…

Sajna hai mujhe … Sajna ke liye

Pinky Pinky on my little pinkies… and also on the other ones!

And before I’m bashed with language and content ratings for a third time, let me clarify that the ‘little pinkies’ are the endmost fingers on our hands and not something else – or at least that’s what I call them…! Anyway… it’s not the pink on the pinkie which is important, rather it’s how the pink got onto the pinkie which is of more interest.

So yes all you pretty freshwomen… do you always come completely dressed up to college or do you miss out on something and decide to effectively use your spare time between classes to groom yourselves into the ‘beyond presentable’ and ‘rishta type’ girl? Or do you deliberately not put something so that you could get someone special to do it for you while you’re sitting pretty tossing your hair to and fro???

Ahem ahem! Continuing with my knack for gossip (every Publications Secretarys time-pass – ex or present), rumor is that our very own dearest, daring, dashing prince charming Nomzy Pomzy spends most of his time admiring his beloved. Sparkling love filled eyes, blushing cheeks… sitting in the café ignorant to that entire hullabaloo… with her hand in one of his… and a bottle of pink nail polish in the other!!! Damn… and I thought he’d be stroking her hair instead!

Romance or applying nail polish fetish, you really know how to sweep them off their feet don’t you? So what other services do you offer Nomzy Pomzy? Is there something on the menu for us men too… men from the sciences department that is!

Princess Prettiness was later caught plucking off white flowers from TIPs garden; and when asked what she would do with them, she sang… “Sajna hai mujhe… Sajna ke liye…”. Celebrating their love as he paints her heart… ooops sorry… her nails pink, and she strips off TIP of what’s left of it… how cute is that!

8 Replies to “Keachar Feature: Pinky Pinky on my little pinkies…”

  1. ha ha..Charsi, someone’s going to get so pissed!

    Though that nail color is too shockingly fluorescent to do mercy to one’s eyes.

  2. i think this should be a regular part of quack. “keachar feature” seems like a great idea. though i think the names shouldnt be SO easy to guess.

  3. mmmm..dats interesting..never knew abt it c..well done quack..;)..btw..arsalan the way uve put it..i wonder wat else cud our dear rpince charming “nomzy pomzy”(a/c 2 u)do 4 us guys 2..;)..n since he did nail polishing in da middle of the noise(suggests there were many ppl around) cum its not made the headlines..?u know..word spreads like fire kinda thing..?care 2 explain..?

  4. Ya shayad kuch log atnay farigh hotay hain ke apna kaam chor kar tamasha dekhnay main lagay rehtain hain! 😛 ha ha ha

  5. doosron ka tamasha…. Publications secretary ka nashta….. 😀
    ab bolo….. kaun kaam kar raha hai aur kaun kaam nahi kar raha….?

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