Mairaj, kahan chala gaya yar

Our dear friend Mairaj Bin Waqar from TS3 passed away yesterday, September 26, ’08 (26 Ramadan, 1429 A.H.) leaving behind only memories of his goodness, warmth, humility, and all the times he brought smiles on our faces.

He was traveling home to spend the end of Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr holidays with his parents in Lahore when he met a tragic accident on board his train. Shaikh Adil Fareed and Awab Ahmed were some of his friends traveling with him. Attempts were made to quickly transport him to a nearby hospital but he gave in to his injuries and died on the way.

We all pray to Allah to give his family and all his friend the courage to cope with his loss, and that he be granted eternal peace and tranquility on his heavenly abode.

Mairaj, Kahan chala gaya yaar? We miss you.

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  1. I found out earlier this afternoon, and the news is so shocking that it still hasn’t sunk in.

    He will be terribly missed. May Allah grant him eternal serenity and give all his well wishers the strength to bear his loss.

  2. i cannot blv da news myself…just yesterday me n my other frnd were hanging arround wid him…n i said goodbye to him n told him dat i’ll miss him on eid…who knew he wud be missed already..
    may his soul rest in peace.AMEEN

  3. a really sad incident,may God bless peace to his soul and a place in jannah and courage to his friends and family to bear his loss.

  4. I have no words to say about this whole incident, yesturday i embrace him and said have a safe journey and today i get to hear this somber and shocking news

    oh maju kya hogaya buddy tare sat, i pray from the bottom of my heart that god takes away all my good deed just to bless his soul to peace and give place for him in heaven

    also give his family the power to cope this tragic incident.

    just wish all this was just a rumor like other news circulating in tip through sms.

  5. The moment i heard dis news, i was speechless and literally in a state of total shock, for da whole day i cudnt believe dis news.
    May his soul rest in peace and may Allah grant his family patience to bear dis tremendous loss. AMEEN.

  6. he left us just a day short of his 20th birthday. last year maju, sarim n i went 2 pizza hut boat basin for his birthday. i remember his face after v had rubbed the choc butter cream cake all ovr his face. he wz still removn choc frm his ear 2 days later.n now he’s gone. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAJU.

  7. I still cannot beleive this. On friday, I saw Mairaj saying Khuda Hafiz to everyone and was very happy and excited to go home for EID…

    Who knows that that was his last day..May his soul rest in peace. May Allah give his parents the patience to absorb this huge shock..


  8. i dont believe this.. on friday he came and wished us all eid mub in advance n was again n again repeating the same thing whch showed tht he was really excited to spend eid with his family.. kya hogaya yar..may his soul rest in peace.Ameen!
    he will be definetly missed by tipians!

  9. but this is what i learnt..dat whn sum one passes away frm this world at tht tim u actually is too short to be unhappy and what ever happens ders always a reason behind it..humans are to built love,fogive others and always thank God.bec who knows who’s gona live for the very next minute!
    May Allah gives his parents and his entire family patience to swallow this dissapointing tragedy.AMEEN!

  10. our group of 9 ppl of this batch in hostl, is now broken up.v livd more than 2yrs togethr in tip hostl.n i remember each n evry moment spent with him.he was a spark for us in hostl. but now

    only memories r left…

    MAY his soul rest in peace and MAY ALLAH giv patience to his parents!

  11. I know a very little about him but all i know is that he was a very entertaining person. Always making people happy, very co-operative and respectful to elders and seniors.
    May Allah rest him in peace…

    Please all recite Astaghfaar for him…
    Allah may give strength to his family and friends…

  12. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajeoon.

    May Allah bless his soul and give his family and friends the patience and courage to cope with this tragic event.

    All those who miss him and find it hard to move on, unfortunately all you can do is pray for him. But don’t underestimate the power of prayer. I am sure he is a in a better place. He’s happy and he’d want you all to be happy too. May he rest in peace. Ameen.

  13. he was a supportive senior……cant forget the starting days of my uni.
    when one day he came in the cafe and he sit with us……and than askd for a cigrette…

    miss u bro.
    may ur soul rest in peace

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