Merchandising Practicals and Product Costing Workshop

Following the success of the Modern Merchandising and Order Management Techniques Workshop organized last month by SIMDA, another workshop on Merchandising Practicals and Product Costing is being organized by the same.

Quack! Online was contacted today by SIMDA, and they have a special offering for TIP students, for whom they have discounted the workshop price by over 50%. The program details are given below:

Merchandising Practicals and Product Costing
(Including Woven Garments, Knitted Garments, Denim Garments and Home Textile Made-ups)

100% based on Practicals, instead of theories (Arranged on weekends)

Compulsory program to develop your Career quickly – Start working as ‘Merchandiser’ instead of Assistant or Trainee Merchandiser

The program is based upon 100% practicals to study, examine and interpret Order specifications and Buyer’s requirements. It will also provide an opportunity to lean cost calculations of a product. The program must be attended before entering into Textile and Apparel Industries. You will not find this kind of high profile program at any where in Pakistan.

Course Outline

Home Textile Made-ups

1)       Costing of Home Textile Products (Flat Sheet, Fitted Sheet, Pillow Case, Quilt Covers, Bolster, Comforter Set and Table Cover)

a.       Design Analysis and Repeats identification

b.       Finding Fabric Consumption

c.       Fabric Width Calculations and developing fabric procurement sheet

d.       Calculating Grey Fabric Cost

e.       Calculating Dyeing and Printing Cost

f.         Calculating Trims and Accessories Cost

g.       Calculating Production Cost
2)       Studying Order Specifications Sheets and Buyer’s requirements (Working on minimum 3 kinds of different order styles)

3)       Developing Order sheets for Production, Quality and Fabric departments.

4)       Dealing with Strike-offs development

Woven/Denim Garments and Knitted Garments

1)       Costing of Woven Garments, Knitted Garments and Denim Garments.

a.       Workmanship and technical analysis of different types of garments

b.       Calculating Knitted Fabric consumption

c.       Calculating Woven Garment fabric consumption (It is done by pattern master, but   will provide shortcut for calculating consumption in a short time period)

d.       Calculating Fabric Cost

e.       Calculating Production Cost

f.         Calculating Trims and Accessories cost

2)       Studying Order Specifications Sheets and Buyer’s requirements (Min working on 3 kinds of different order styles)

3)       Developing order package for production, quality and fabric departments.

4)       Measuring Garments

Teaching Methodologies

* Order specifications sheets and formats will be given for practicals.
* Inquiries and costing formats will be provided for calculations.
* Notes will be provided.
* Different kinds of fabric and samples will be displayed
* Activities and interactive sessions
* Live examples and informative pictures will be displayed.

Program Details

* Duration: 3 Weeks Program on Saturday and Sunday only
* Starting from: Saturday March 28, 2009. (Time Saturday b/w 6:00pm – 9:00pm and Sunday 3:00pm – 6:00pm)

* Fee: Rs. 8000/-. Discount for TIP students Rs 3500/- per participant (on request from students)
* Certificates and Photograph ceremony at the end of the program.
* For Registration, send us an email contains participant’s name, designation and contact number. Fees to be submitted at our registration desk.

SIMDA (Saliraj Industrial Management and Development Alliance)
Aga Khan Community Centre Salimahabad Block J, No 12, Federal-‘B-Area, Block 14, Karachi, Pakistan.
Contact #: 0321-8209973, email:

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  1. Dear Furhan Hussain

    Course outline of this Programme is very intresting, Kindly advise how to get the material or notes.

  2. i wana join this institute for merchandising, i have done before frm IPA BUT it wasn’t really good.

  3. i am want to take admission kinldy let me know when this coarse is starting again.

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