Mitti bharay haath…

Art is collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.

– Andre Gide

It’s very true that when you create something of your own, you experience a feeling beyond amazement. A similar feeling was experienced on the 5th of March 2009, Thursday when a bunch of designers (tdt1 and tdt2) escorted by Sir Munawar Ali and Sir Shamoon Haider along with their families including their adorable daughters Khunsha and Aaliya, went to Sea View for sand sculpturing, which was an incredible experience.

We left from the city office around nine in the morning and the weather was pretty much in our favour at that time though.

Okay now talking about the laborious work that we poor souls did :p

First we made a circle of 100 feet in diameter so that we cud mark off the area for the sculptures. And then we had to dig out wet mud from places near the water and bring that mud and throw it in the circle, well it all sounds very easy when you write it down but believe me it felt like child labor.

The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape.

– Pablo Picasso

We used spades and buckets and wat not to carry as much mud as we could, but we soon lost hope of collecting enough mud even if we dug all day, so our two smart peers, namely Komal of tdt2 and Muneeb of tdt1 went till the McDonalds area where the construction work was in progress and hired the crane wala for sometime so that he cud help us with the digging and pouring of the mud, clever na!!!
Once we had enough mud for the sculptures, we divided ourselves into groups and got to work. We used help from toy animals to make our sculptures, we made a lion head and a fish along with a man swimming, and later in the evening we made a sea horse face and the KU students made a human face.

The most dim-witted, funny and cute things happened when we were busy working, not to forget the Snake wala came along, and we got ourselves busy watching the snake dancing. And then there were Khunsha and Aaliya who were playing in the mud and making things out of their own endearing imagination and thoughts.

We all really worked hard to make the sculptures look quite perfect and I cant forget that we couldn’t get the ears of the lion right in place and were making, destroying, making, destroying it, and finally came to the conclusion that its alright doesn’t matter if its not perfect, we cant really make a flawless one either.

When we were done with the sculptures, our stomachs growled and we plead our teachers to go for a time out and let’s go grab something to eat. So we headed towards KFC and McDonalds, we didn’t had much choice so we settled for them anyway.
We refreshed ourselves and the washrooms were left in nothing but mud and dirt all over the place. So we stuffed our face and relaxed down a bit and then headed back to the sea. This time we were in no mood to work again so some of us just laid down and enjoyed the view, some of us who were brave enough to go inside the “pollutant- free” water dipped our feet regardless of all the things we had already heard and seen about the water at sea view.
We even collected some of the most astonishing sea shells with unbelievable patterns and colours.
All in all the experience was really remarkable, I could never forget it, besides the fact that I have a horrible tan and some of us were like, “mehnat ka yeh phaal mila ka mou hi kala hugaya!!!”

We all had some real solid fun, which really boosted our spirits, I would like to thank our design faculty for making this trip possible and being with us to help and encourage us.

Cheers to all =)

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  1. no doubt it was an amazing experience….n i will nevr forget the nashta we (me komal,muneeb ,nussebha n rabbiya) n the chapli kabab of RS 200 each..n eating Mc donald at kfc lol..n adorble daughters of sir shamoon n sir munawar…….

  2. great work ppl . what an exposure i must say how cum we weren’t invited i would have loved to join u people even though i loathe making sculptures.
    any ways it seems to me you ppl had the time of your lives don’t forget to count us in the next time

  3. Superb! mo kala karwanay mein itna maza pehlay kabhi nahi aya. hehehehe.
    and sachee……..for those who think the crane part is a bit too much….i suggest u try lifting a few spades full of wet mud/sewage stuff.

  4. the funniest part was when humari class k aik LARKAY ne KFC ka paani khatam kar diya, with his never ending face cleansing sessions.
    lekn on site tou hum sub bhoot/bhootni lag rahay thay…..coz moo, baal, hath, poan..har jaga mitti he mitti bhar rahi thi..i think adha kilo tou hum kha he gaey hongay jitna moo mein ghus rahi thi. n v r talkin about humaray pyaray saaf suthray sea view ki mitti

  5. woww.!!!i wanted to be part of it too..yusra u r soo come we werent invited..? well..ill leave tht arguement for sir munwar =) neway..The pictures are sure u guys had loads of fun..good job….!n thanx amna for filling us in with all the details..

  6. ALL THE CREDIT goes to our greaaat faculty….they really open our eyes. never had i emagined that a trip to the sea view culd be soooo much FUN and such a good learning experience. we should definitly do more of these.

    AND another very good article amna….u go gurl…may every 1 at TIP be as posotive as u are. 😉

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