More Food for the Worry Vault

By Furhan R. Hussain, TMM-1

Brushing the usual aside, TIP seems to be overshadowed, these days, by a cloud of misfortunes. For example, a few days back, the institute’s ‘Tower Point’ bus had an accident near SMCHS that almost killed a number of people including a family of four on a motorcycle (husband, wife, a four-year-old and one-year old kid), as well as the driver of the rickshaw that was hit by the bus after it’s brakes completely failed. The big, bright, yellow markings and text on the coaster made sure that the institute got its due share of publicity. The grapevine has it, that the bus driver had been complaining about the failing brakes since quite some time, but in vain, and was about to resign before an accident took place. On the fateful day of the accident, he was guiding the new driver of the point who was due to take his place.

The same bus, on the same day, almost ran into a petrol tanker on the highway. Had the tanker not run onto the road’s dividing area, letting the bus only scratch it, TIP would have surely lost a fair number of diligent students.

The legend has it that the students of the ‘Tower Point’ are jinxed and bring misfortune to whichever bus they board; like when they boarded the faculty bus to get home due to the absence of the ‘Tower Point’ bus, the air-conditioning of the bus stopped working. Too bad I don’t trust legends much.

Cafetaria Woes

Moving on, the cafeteria’s high food prices and low standards due to the poor management of the Arabian Sea Country Club has been causing scores of angry students to complain all the time. This has led to meetings between the officials from both ends that did not yield satisfactory results. Very recently, a strike took place led by the college students and teachers where they boycotted the cafeteria altogether. One supposes that is the right step to take when the students and teachers start falling ill after consuming the cafeteria’s food. A freshman even complained that this food adversely affected his voice box leading to a scary voice change. To add to a concerned person’s worry vault, a raid on the cafeteria kitchen conducted by Ms. Shameem Noorani along with some students brought to light a serious breach in the contract that prohibited the cafeteria management to use any other cooking oil apart from a specified brand. One also noticed a sorry state of hygiene within the kitchen boundaries during the raid.

Let’s hope that the coming days bring some positive changes that will make up for the inconvenience that the students have faced in the recent past.

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  1. Thanks! Who knows, I might actually become a world famous fashion journalist one day. Till then, I think
    I’ll stick to QUACK while I still can 🙂

  2. Furhan, Its very well-written.
    Now just pray that your article is read by some-one from Management or anyone who can take some step, and save us from Low Quality food

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