Nanowires Allow For Electricity-Generating Clothing

Nanowire bristles

“The latest development in the field of ‘energy harvesting’, which includes such opportunistic technology such as self-winding watches, generators implanted in soldier’s boots, and knee brace dynamos, is a cloth that generates electrical power. The cloth is newly developed by scientists in the US, and can produce up to 80 milliwatts per square metre. It is made from brush-like fibres composed of a Kevlar stalk surrounded by zinc oxide nanowire crystals that generate electricity through the piezoelectric effect. They can be grown on any substrate, including hair. The power harnessed from this effect could be used for anything from cosmetic components to the powering of medical devices.” Source: Slashdot

Quite a novel idea, utilizing a similar generation principle of that of a standard motor.

4 Replies to “Nanowires Allow For Electricity-Generating Clothing”

  1. Very cool. The energy produced at this point can’t power much but they intend to refine the design to be able to produce I think about 80 milliwatts; enough to power an ipod.

    Nevertheless it’s amazing stuff.

  2. Yup, I read about this on the BBC website a few some days back. Amazing! Interestingly, these brushlike Kevlar stalks can be grown on any substrate. Even your own hair!

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