TIP has a new item on the block- The Textile Institute Speaking Society. This new society was formed two weeks prior by the students of the current spring batch. The society’s main object is to relinquish leadership quality among the student body and build confidence.

The body which consists of required ten members is focusing on debates and various speaking sessions. One might say that it is similar to the existing society of TIP i.e. the literary society however the president, Taha Muzzammil has assured us that there is-and will be-no alikeness between the two bodies; in management or in organization.

Taha Muzzammil and his V.P, Hafsa Waheed, both having vast knowledge and experience in debates aims to manage the TIP Model United Nations this year.

Taha Muzzammil- winner of four awards in debating- on his TIMUN page posted that the event will be an intellectual simulation of mind. Furthermore, along with TIP he invited whole of Karachi to take part in it. With details still pending we cannot say much more except it can bring all kind of highs and lows at TIP.

Still new; the society is looking for members who will actively participate in the promotion and management of society. Planning their first debating event which is rumoured to be held after first hourly is the current focus of the society.We sure hope that this society achieves all its goals.

To recruit in the society contact Taha Muzzammil or Hafsa Waheed.


  1. Good Job Taha and Hafsa. Hope you find new members asap and get the society going. All the best for the MUN!

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