Pashmina war

The Pashmina shawl is famously known as the shawl that is so fine it can pass through a wedding ring. It originates from the Himalayas, namely from Kashmir, Nepal and Tibet, and from these regions because it is made from the hair of the changthangi high-altitude mountain goat. Us South Asians have been always gifting the Pashmina shawl to foreigners, and I can attest that they are very much appreciated. Now, the claim over the name Pashmina is under dispute:

After fighting over the intellectual property rights of the Super Basmati rice for years, Pakistan and India have now locked horns over signing a patent for the Kashmiri Pashmina shawls. The fact that the product originates from Kashmir was enough to bring the issue in contention, as the two neighbours have been at war over the disputed region for more than 60 years. The issue was first highlighted in the news when the Craft Development Institute of Srinagar filed an application with the Graphical Indication (GI) patent registry based in Chennai for the intellectual rights of location-specific Kashmiri Pashmina in 2006. The Pakistani commerce ministry has voiced its disapproval over this move and the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce filed a petition saying that the Pashmina shawls were also a product the Pakistani administered Kashmir as well as the Gilgit-Baltistan area. Soure: DAWN Blog, Hafsa Adil.

Drawings of goats outside the Kalat Museum in Kalat, Pakistan

The word pasham or pashmina may have originated from the Hindu god Pushan, who was associated with pastures, sheeps and goats, as well as being known as the “weaver of garments.”

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  1. sad. i say we give kashmir to india. Why keep something that gets our people killed every now and then. we’re going to ruin it anyways : P

    in return, we could always ask them to let us keep the pashmina patent =)

  2. Why give Kashmir to India? Why we are going to ruin it anyway? Why think negative, why self-criticising yourslef? Kashmir is much much more important than ‘this pashmina’ goat.

  3. Pashmina is much more than the goat hair. The fabric known as ‘Pashmina’ is actually twill woven from a yarn made from a mixture of ‘precious fibres,’ including pashmina, cashmere, wool, and silk.

    But Kashmir aside, the issue here is that of claiming property over something that is not your’s to claim. Like the Basmati trademarking issue a few years back — Basmati is location-specific and cannot be claimed for ownership by any one individual, company, or country — similarly Pashmina is location-specific.

  4. What an idiotic thing to argue about. Next thing you’ll know they’ll be fighting over who uses the Indus. Oh right…we’ve already done that. Chalo, we can always say BB was murdered by a RAW agent.

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