SABZ… intriguing experience!

The mist that held the bond together was special….no doubt there were special souls out there for a great cause….anticipated crowd murmuring and waiting outside, school children called in specially to watch the show, theater artists, television artists and great many figures circled the ARTS COUNCIL on the very tick tick of 7.30pm.

Every moment was anticipated and took the audience by the hook, for every then and now there came a heart touching moment that arouse in us the ocean of hope and a breeze of a new beginning. Its just unbelievable the amount of valor, zeal and passion of youth beholds, for it is them that defines the true PAKISTANIS.

Come and be a part of SABZ, for it is this platform that will invoke in you the lost soul, will arouse the Pakistani in YOU and ask you To Get UP, Change and be the REVOLUTION, be the REVOLUTION that have been awaited by many of us, it will not come by itself………IT IS IN YOU……YOU are the REVOLUTION!!!

TIMINGS: 7.30pm till 10.30pm

VENUE: Arts Council, Karachi

Date: 22nd April till 4th May 2011

Tickets Available at Agha’s, Espresso and Box Office Karachi Arts Council

Contact: 0322-4426776

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  1. the besttttttttttttttttt playyyyy….. I hv ever seennnn…..:)
    v need to bring sum change so that v can show the world. Wat v r instead of who v r….. v need evolution no disastrous revolution……..

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