Sahil Bachao

Further update: In light of the situation in Karachi, the Sahil Bachao Rally schedule for Sunday May 13, 6 pm at the Seaview Beach is postponed. The next rally will be on May 20.

The DHA has plans to construct theme parks, marinas, expo centres, expensive hotels, and condominiums on the 14 km of beach area between McDonalds and the Golf Club. This area is currently enjoyed by Pakistanis of all backgrounds. This development threatens to shut out the common person’s free and unobstructed access to most of the beach area. It is against the law and will destroy the environment. It will only serve the interests of real estate developers and other profiteers. It will end Karachi’s one multi-class open recreational space and will become a place for the affluent few. Come raise your voice with us

Sahil BachaoUpdate: This protest will be held every second Sunday, the next one is this Sunday, May 13, 6 pm.

For more details, do see the official Sahil Bachao blog, read ‘Sahil Bachao’: The Battle for Karachi’s Waterfront on the infamous All Things Pakistan and see Karachi Waterfront, the video of the ridiculous planned development you will protest against. Cowasjee also writes about this in DAWN, A ‘global city’ vs the environment.

Sunday, May 13 , 6 pm (sharp)

Sahil Bachao!!

Join us for a Protest at Clifton Beach

(Meet at the Parking Lot of McDonalds) Clifton Beach


  • Participants to assemble at McDonald’s Restaurant at 6 PM.
  • We will line up along the beach wall, holding banners.
  • Participants may bring own banners/placards.
  • Short awareness speeches at 6:30.
  • Protest ends at 6:45 approximately.

Courtesy: Mrs. Shameem Noorani

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  1. I think you missed the event by FOUR full days – it was for May 6th and you posted it on the 10 😉

    That happens sometime – LOL – but even then thank you for your support every voice counts in raising awareness for the cause

  2. An honest mistake, but it’s nice you see a comment from you after some time.

    I think the heat’s gotten to our heads. I was trying to fit this into my schedule for Sunday.

  3. My apologies, Dr.Awab. My teacher forwarded it to me and asked me to post it here, which I did in a hurry, and I guess failed to notice this mistake.

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