Salman Alvi visits TIP

Photo Credits: Saman Salman (TDT2)

 Another step towards the betterment of the students, another day at the auditorium in the presence of a multi-talented, diverse and inspiring speaker who on one hand is well renowned for his vocals in the classical genre and on the other hand, a marketing executive and the founder of a remarkable marketing firm.

The recognized ghazal singer Salman Alvi visited TIP and shared with us his diverse experience and knowledge regarding the pursuit of happiness that everybody seem to be participating in, especially in professional life. Along with some conventional inspiring content shown in his signature way, he also shared with us his passion of music and its importance along with some real life chemistry that relates to music being a remedy to a mature mind.

Following a brief introduction given by his former MBA classmate Mr. Fariq Mukhtar, Mr. Alvi was handed over the rostrum to continue with the session. He presented his mind provoking series of questions regarding the barriers of change and innovation referred by him as “E-Novation” followed by some relevant poetic phrases regarding the subject. This was succeeded by the urge of change with respect to the current time and the incoming future.

He began his presentation by explaining how the gauge set for a railway track in the United States today is 143.5cm. He followed the inception of this gauge back to the Roman era, making us realize how no one has bothered to change that standard. This is one of the major problems today, he said, as we are all prone to following the same pattern for centuries without having the will to question its existence and doing something to bring about a change. He then shared the quote,

“Someone needs to change the gauge and somewhere someone, will follow”

The distinctive characteristic in Mr. Alvi’s lecture were some remarkable video clips embedded in his presentation which showed references to change, the shifts in history with respect to music and marketing and the urge to change. To sum up his lecture, a series of surprising Ins and OUTs were told which are evident in today’s fast track society and industry. An example of this was when he said, “Satisfied Customers OUT… Inspired Customers IN.” What he meant by this was that no one today is a dissatisfied customer, so marketing firms target people by inspiring them rather than delivering the concept of satisfaction. Although, some fans among the students did insist for a ghazal right at the end which was declined due to the shortage of time.


In the end, Mr. Alvi was presented with the institute’s shield as a token of thanks and appreciation for taking out his precious time for students and faculty alike. Mr. Alvi, by his words, remained a great example of diverse individuals still present in our society. Concluding up with his own words that he used to describe himself and I quote,

“Marketing is my Profession, Music is my Passion”

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  1. Lot of progressive works are taking place in tip ,i really want to be a tipian again. i always dreamed for such events when i was there in tip,very few happened as well but now TIp is sounding a totally different place just because of a very good workforce of students who are working voluntarily for the progression of TIP.


    Keep up the good work and do involve texperts for more amazing work.

  2. Thank you Faizan. InshAllah we would come up with bigger events soon that would require the help and participation of Texperts. Keep posted to Quack! Online!

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