Security Appeal: Girls found entering the boys’ hostel!

Hours after the hostel’s annual dinner, a bunch of five panic stricken girls entered the boys hostel. Chilled to the bone, with their legs trembling with the fear of getting caught and dressed in rather comfortable looking night suits, they looked more attractive than ever. All thanks to the security provided by TIP!

It all started when we were informed that four armed dacoits were on the run and that they could also join us in our hostel annual dinner celebrations. Highly impressed by the look of the eight, healthy, helpless, unarmed guards, we along with the earlier mentioned five alien species were asked to take refuge in the boys’ hotel. We were asked to shut our windows and stay close. The sweet, faint symphony of bullets being fired by the police nearly added to our thrill and excitement. Not to mention, the girls looked so different in the boys’ hotel, or maybe we were inadvertently comparing them with our sweaty, hairy seniors wearing chuddies!

It all ended when the hostel coordinator called the day off, and asked the girls to return to their home sweet home as they were more INSECURE in the boys’ hotel. Thank you for trusting us sir!

After all, it’s all about trust and responsibility. We were so worried that we didn’t sleep the whole night. And how could we. The girls were so insecure! Or maybe it was something else. Again, I would like to thank the security provided by TIP. I really appreciate it. Life in TIP is indeed secure as HELL!

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  1. Great!a burgor article.indeed that night was memorable for all hostel residents in many aspects…a boring annual day rather annual evening,golden night for hostlites and this drama that made us awake the wkole night. Sarim has nicely drawn a picture of that ‘Golden’ night. good show!

  2. Good one Sarim! I remember my first year days when my seniors had ppl trek the dorms in their chaddis.

    And of course the battle of Panipat! Lots of chuddies there too. Those days I won’t ever forget!

  3. hmmmmmm… Sarim!u put da whole story on quack…!!!!

    good..keep it least quack has now got something from first years 2 read!!

  4. Yes, it’s so great to see the first years finally breaking out of their shell just when they are about to enter their second year 😀

    But. What is a burgor article?

  5. Yeay sarim!! good writing! i knew you were multi-talented, but being a good writer makes you special! hope to see you on Quack more often (how about every week?)

  6. That’s Right, Writer man! You are gonna be writing for the magazine and for quack more and more from now on! 😀

  7. hmmm… so i was right all along… someone just hasnt ran after teh first years just as he or she should have…! :p

  8. Already booked 3 articles from him Arsalan 😛
    By the way when’s your magazine coming?

    just kidding! 😀

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